0905 What Network-Is it Globe or Smart?

0905 what network? Is it a globe or a Smart Network? Well, you might have received the call from a number starting with 0905 or +63905 and you are wondering what mobile network it belongs to. So, we want to let you know that 0950 is a Globe Telecom Network in the Philippines.

The 0950 is a prefix number, as each telecom company owns a unique four-digit prefix to differentiate from other Networks. Globe Telecom is the largest telecommunication company in the Philippines. In addition to being the largest, it is also the most reputable mobile network.

The Globe Company has more than 40 prefix numbers offering services in the Philippines. There are 200+ branches of Globe Telecom in the different regions of the Philippines and have more than 8000 employees. This article aims to elaborate more information about the 0905 network.

0905 What Network?

The 0905 is a mobile number prefix and it is registered by the Globe Telecommunication company. It is offering the telecom services in the Philippines and is a top telecom provider. The Globe Telecom has many services for the telecom users. It includes the best packages and quality bundles.

The services of Globe Telecom are many such as high-speed internet, affordable top-ups, unstoppable audio calls, quick text messaging, and more. The company of Globe Telecom has 40+ prefix numbers that are offering services in the Philippines.  With 200+ branches and 8000+ employees, it is the number one telecom provider.

Is 0905 Globe or Smart?

The 0905 is a prefix number of Globe Telecom company in the Philippines. It is not a smart mobile number, it is only owned by Globe. So, whenever you receive a call or text message from a number that begins with 0905 you have to understand it is a Globe’s Mobile number.

There are many other prefix numbers of Globe Telecom companies all working in the Philippines. Globe Telecom is the largest network in the Philippines, with 200+ branches. There are also many other companies running or offering services in the Philippines but it is at the top of the list.

Why to Choose Globe Telecom?

Choosing a mobile network is a crucial step before registering the sim of any telecom provider. To choose the best and most reliable network you must adhere to some of the crucial features. You need to look in a mobile network for a reliable and quality telecom provider for your mobile phone:

1. High-speed Internet

Before you choose the telecom network it is crucial to check the internet service of the telecom provider. The Globe Telecom has super high speed that makes your tasks or projects so easy to do.

2. Affordable Bundles

The bundles are the second priority that users must look for in a mobile sim. Additionally, Globe Telecom is the largest communication company in the Philippines, so they have very affordable internet and voice call bundles.

3. Smooth Voice Calls & Text Messaging

When you choose a mobile sim or network, it is also essential to check the reliability of voice calls and text messaging. This is also the biggest reason why you need to choose Globe Telecom network as it allows smooth calls and quick text messaging for the users.

4. Customer Care

Whenever users face any problem or issue within the network, their first step is to communicate with customer care. Globe Telecom has the best professional custom care team that is dedicated to quick replies and instant issue resolution. 


Q: 0905 What Network?

A: The 0905 is a prefix number that is registered under a telecommunication company known as Globe Telecom company.

Q: Is 0905 Globe or Smart?

A: The 0905 is not a smart telecom network, it belongs to Globe Telecommunication Company. 

Q: Which Country Does Globe Telecom Located?

A: Globe Telecom is a communication company that offers services in the Philippines.


0905 What Network? Does 0905 belong to Smart Network Or it is owned by Globe Telecom Network? Such questions are raised by the millions of users in the Philippines. Whenever a new user receives a call from a number that is unknown to their information first they search on the internet.

So, here we had also discovered the answers to such questions, 0905 what network. If you are in a hurry and want to reveal the network of 0905 networks, we want to let you know that 0905 belongs to the Globe Telecom network. Globe Telecom is the largest telecom provider in the Philippines.

Globe Telecom is the most reputable and most used telecommunication network in the Philippines. Additionally, as it is the most reputable, they are offering incredible telecom services such as high-speed internet, quick text messaging, reliable voice calls, and much more.