0906 What network company in the Philippines? Globe or Smart?

0906 What network in the Philippines? Does it belong to Globe Company or Smart Telecom? Have you just received a call from a number that begins as, 0906 or +63906, so looking to know what network it is? If yes, we want to congratulate you that you are at the right place.

The 0906 is a mobile number or prefix number that belongs to Globe Telecommunication in the Philippines. Globe Telecom is the largest communication network in the Philippines. Additionally, there are also many other prefix numbers owned by the Globe Telecommunication network.

Moreover, Globe Telecom is the best telecom provider in the Philippines and has more than 200 branches in various locations. The Globe company has been popular for providing quality service in the Philippines. Furthermore, this article is going to elaborate more crucial information about 0906 of Globe Network.

0906 What Network?

The 0906 is a prefix number that is registered under the telecommunication company known as Globe Telecom. Globe Telecom is the largest company of telecom service providers. The Company has been offering the services for more than fifty years in the various locations of the Philippines.

The Globe Telecom company has a large number of employees which relies on the 8000+ in counting. In addition to employee numbers, the company also has the largest branch number which is approximately 208 in counting. The services of Globe Network are very beneficial for the users.

0906 Globe or Smart in the Philippines?

The 0906 prefix number does not belong to Smart Telecom company, it is a Globe’s Network number in the Philippines. There is a biggest confusion between the prefix numbers and users are wondering to know the network. So, we want to let you know that 0906 is only owned by Globe.

The Globe is the name of a Telecommunication company and it offers services in the Philippines. The Globe Company offers services such as super-fast internet, reliable audio calls, quick text messaging transferring, and much more. The Network has Millions of subscribers or users.

What Services are provided by Globe Telecom?

Globe Telecom is offering the brilliant services of Telecom in the Philippines. Following are a few of the services that Globe Company is providing:

  • Super Fast Internet: Globe Telecom is providing the super fast internet service in the Philippines. The company has installed advanced technology for serving quality internet and to ensure a high-speed service.
  • Discounted Top-Ups: The Globe Telecom company is not just providing quality services but also contains affordable top-ups for users. Globe Telecom has the best prices packages that make it easy for users and make them budget-friendly.
  • Reliable Voice Calls: Globe Telecom has quality technology for transferring the signals to the devices which makes it reliable for the users to stay connected with voice calls.
  • Quick Text Messaging: The Globe network ensures users with quick text messaging services to the users. Additionally, the network has used advanced technology, and that’s the reason behind the quick text messaging service.


Q: 0906 What Network?

A: The 0906 prefix number or mobile number belongs to Globe Telecom in the Philippines.

Q: Is 0906 Globe Network or Smart Network?

A: The 0906 is a prefix number that is registered in the Globe Telecommunication Network in the Philippines.

Q: What are the Features of Globe Telecom Network?

A: Globe Telecom has many features for the users, following are the some of them:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Quick Text Messaging
  • Reliable Voice Calls
  • Discounted Bundles
  • Expert Customer service.


What is the network of the 0906 mobile number? Does it belong to Globe Network or Smart Network? The 0906 is a prefix number that belongs to Globe Telecom company in the Philippines. The Globe is the largest telecom provider that has Millions of subscribers in the Philippines,

Globe Telecom is offering the best telecom services to the users. The services of Globe Telecom are very beneficial for the users. Moreover, Globe Telecom has the largest number of employees which is approximately 8000. It also has more than 40 prefix numbers and 200+ stores.

All the prefix numbers of Globe Telecom are different and offer services only in the Philippines region. Here in this article, we elaborate on the crucial information about the Globe Telecom or the question 0906 what network. Read the entire article to learn more about the 0906 network of Globe.