0916 What Network in the Philippines-Globe or Smart?

0916 What Network? Does it belong to Globe or Smart in the Philippines? The 0916 is a prefix number as each of the mobile sims has its own, it belongs to Globe Telecom. Globe Telecom or Touch Mobile are the same cellular networks in the Philippines.  Additionally, it is the largest telecom in the Philippines.

The Globe Telecom network has been serving for decades and has built its incredible reputation in the Philippines. The services of Globe Telecom are numerous for the consumers. Furthermore, the services include fast internet, reliable voice calls, fast text messaging, and much more.

The Globe Telecom company has also an easy-to-register process for new users to join and be a subscriber. The Globe Telecom Network offers great services for the consumers or subscribers of it. 

This entire content is all about the 0916 Network and addresses the information about it. So, without further delay, let’s get into this informational article. 

What is 0916?

The 0916 is a Mobile Prefix number that is operating under Globe Telecom. The Globe Telecom Company is the largest telecommunication provider in the Philippines. There are numerous advantages of using Globe Telecom or 0916. Moreover, it appears as 0916123456 or +63916123456.

The prefix number is a four-digit code that is compulsory for every telecom company to launch its own unique one. Each of the registered telecom companies has a different prefix number with a unique identity and appearance. This one, 0916, is also a unique prefix and is owned by Globe Telecom only.

0916 What Network?

The network of 0916 mobile sim numbers is known as the Globe Telecom and it is offering the quality services of telecom. The mobile number that begins with 0916 or +63916 is operating under the Globe Telecom company and it does not belong to any other network. This is the largest telecommunication network in the Philippines.

Moreover, the 0916 Network, or Globe Telecom, has efficient and quality services for the consumers. This is a great network that includes services such as High-Speed Internet, Reliable Communication, Discounted top-ups, convenient customer care, and many more services. 

What are the Services of the 0916 Network?

The 0916 Network belongs to Globe Telecom company and it has numerous incredible services, including:

Fast Internet:

0916 is a Mobile Network that belongs to Globe Telecom and it has incredible Internet service. The 0916 Network provides fast internet for the users to use and get their tasks done ASAP.

Reliable Communication:

The 0916 is a Globe’s network and it is a reliable network for communication purposes. The company focuses on the user’s basic telecom needs, and communication, to be reliable and convenient.

Discounted Bundles:

The 0916 mobile network belongs to Globe Telecom and it is an affordable one for budget-friendly seekers. The company provides offers of numerous bundles for the specific needs of users and all are discounted or low cost.

Customer Support:

The 0916 is a Mobile prefix of Globe Telecom and it has great customer support for answering user’s queries and questions. The Customer Support of Globe network is a team of professionals who are highly qualified and are serious about their work.

Why to Choose Globe Telecom?

Globe Telecom is the largest telecommunication company in the Philippines that has been offering quality services. The following are the benefits of Globe Telecom that can give a major reason to users for choosing Globe:

  • High Speed Internet: Those who are worried about low internet speed, can register with Globe to use High Speed Internet.
  • Reliable Communication: Globe Telecom is a great network for users to communicate smoothly and reliably.
  • Affordable: The Globe Network is not like the other expensive networks, it is affordable with fabulous services.
  • Customer Care: The Globe Telecom company cares for the users as they have a great team to help users with their problems and queries.


Q: 0916 What Network?

A: The 0916 is a Mobile prefix that belongs to Globe Telecom Company in the Philippines.

Q: Is 0916 Globe, Smart, or Dito?

A: The 0916 is a Mobile prefix number that is registered only under Globe Telecom and it does not have any connection with Smart or Dito.

Q: Does Globe Network have Fast Internet?

A: Yes the Globe Telecom company has a Fast Internet service for the users to avail of and complete their tasks faster.


If you are also one of the wondering users who is asking the question, 0916 What Network, you need to read out it. The 0916 is a prefix of a mobile sim number that is operating under Globe Telecom. It can also be called the Touch Mobile network as they both use the same cellular network.

Globe Telecom is one of the incredible telecom companies that focuses on the quality of services to be beneficial for users. The Company has been offering services such as the Fastest Internet, affordable top-ups, reliable communication, fast receiving and sending messages, and much more.

Those who are willing to start the journey of telecommunications or individuals who are looking for a reliable telecom network in the Philippines must start with Globe. It is a beneficial company for telecom purposes. This article has elaborated the crucial information about the 0916 network and must be read out.