0917 What Network in the Philippines, Globe or Smart?

0917 What network is in the Philippines? Does 0917 belong to Globe or Smart? Such questions are not just asked by you, there are thousands of searches daily who are curious to know what the network of 0917 is. So, if you want to know the network of 0917, let’s walk with us through this article.

Before we answer the question 0917 what network, we want to inform you about what is 0917 code or number. The 0917 is a prefix number and it is used by a telecommunication company. Every telecommunication network has its prefix number to make users identify the sim while calling.

Moreover, the benefit of knowing the network of prefix numbers is also huge for users. When you call a sim number that has the same network as yours, the cost of a call will be less. However, if you call another network sim, you will be charged more balance. So, now let’s move into more details of the 0917 prefix and network.

What is 0917?

The 0917 is a prefix number that is owned by a telecommunication company. The purpose of using a prefix number is to redirect the system algorithms to verify the network. However, it is also crucial for users to remember the network of sims. So when they call a number they must know its network.

To call the number with the same network will cost you less in comparison to calling with a different network. Additionally, as calling with the same network costs less, it also makes users talk for long hours. So, now you are aware of the essentials of knowing the prefix number of the network.

0917 What Network in the Philippines?

0917 is a prefix number and it is owned by a telecommunication company in the Philippines known as Globe Telecom. Globe Telecom is the largest telecommunication network in the Philippines. Moreover, the Globe Telecom network is a reliable and beneficial network for users.

Furthermore, 0917 is a Globe Network, so it is also a prominent network in the Philippines. There are more than 40 prefix numbers registered under Globe Telecom. Globe Telecom has more than two hundred stores and over 8000+ employees throughout the Philippines.

What are the Features of 0917 Network?

The 0917 is a Globe Telecom network and it has numerous features for the users. The following are the features:

1. Wide Range Coverage

The 0917 is owned by Globe Telecom company in the Philippines which is the largest SIM network in the Philippines. To ensure users with wide coverage Globe Network has installed the towers every 2-3 miles.

2. Fast Internet

The 0917 is a Globe Network, it provides super fast internet service for the users. The Globe Network always stays up to date with the latest technology to serve the fast internet. 

3. Instant Send & Receive Texts

The 0917 or Globe Network is a super fast network and it sends and receives text messages in quick time. The Globe Network is very beneficial for users to keep chats up to time. 

4. 24/ 7 Customer Support

The 0917 Network or Globe Telecom Network ensures a quality customer support service to the users. The network has a professional team of customer support who not only solve the problems but also guide for future prevention. 


Q: What is 0917?

A: The 0917 is a prefix number and is used before dialling a sim number.

Q: 0917 What Network?

A: The 0917 is a prefix number and is owned by a telecommunication network in the Philippines known as Globe Telecom.

Q: 0917 Globe or Smart?

A: The 0917 prefix number is registered by Globe Telecom, a popular and largest telecommunication network in the Philippines.

Q: 0917 of Which Country Network or Sim?

A: The 0917 belongs to the Philippines Country and it is a SIM network that is owned by Globe Network.


You may have visited the Philippines or you may have received a call from a number which you do not know what the Network is. Your Question may be such as 0917 What Network? So here we have answered your question and if you haven’t read the above content, here is a summary of your answer.

The 0917 is a Globe Network and it is a telecommunication company that is available for use in the Philippines. The Globe Network is the largest in the Philippines, so you will get numerous offers too. Moreover, the Globe Network has beneficial features and services for the users.

The Services include a variety of affordable bundles, high-speed internet in every location, quick sending and receiving of text messages, and much more. If you are interested to read detailed information about the 0917 Network, explore the above article. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below in the comment section.