0935 What Network? Is it Globe Or Smart in the Philippines?

0935 What Network? Does it Belong to Globe or Smart? Such questions are often asked by users who might have received the call or text for the first time from this 0935 starting number. So, here we want to let them know or also if you are one of them, we want to let you know, that 0935 is Globe Telecom’s Network. 

There are two names of 0935 prefixes and both can be considered correct. One is Globe Telecom and the second is Touch Mobile. The Globe Network is the largest telecommunication network in the Philippines. Additionally, there are also many more prefix numbers owned by Globe. 

Moreover, the Globe Network has approximately 40+ prefix numbers and 200+ stores. In addition, it has 8000+ employees. The Globe Network is at the top of the list of best communication networks in the Philippines. 

0935 What Network?

The 0935 is a prefix number of mobile sims that is registered under the telecommunication company known as Globe Network. The Globe Network is also called the Touch Mobile, as both use the same cellular network in the Philippines. The Globe Network is the number one communication network in the Philippines.

There are also many other popular networks in the Philippines, such as Smart Network, sun, TNT, etc. But the Globe is at the top of the list among all the communication networks. Additionally, the benefits of Globe Network are also various for the registered users. It also offers effective and useful services.

Moreover, Globe Telecom serves as the premium communication network and it contains several unique services such as high-speed internet, affordable mobile top-ups, fast signal transmitting, occasionally free call minutes and text messages, and much more. Also, the network provides the best customer support service. 

Is 0935 Globe or Smart?

The 0935 is Globe Telecom’s prefix number and it does not belong to the smart network. The Globe Network has many prefix numbers in which 0935 also exists. The Globe Network has been serving for many decades and it is known as the most popular network in the Philippines.

Globe Telecom is the best mobile network sim for users who want to get many services at an affordable cost. The cost of the bundles is relatively less than the other expensive sims that are even not good in service. When it comes to the convenient network, the Globe network stands out at the top for the users. 

Moreover, the global network is also easy in terms of the registration process as well. Users just need to collect the required documents and visit the nearest branch of the Globe Network. To register with Globe Telecom, the user needs to provide the fingerprint and verify the national ID Card.

Benefits of Globe Telecom Network

Globe Telecom stands out as the largest network in the Philippines. The network ensures users with numerous benefits, following are the some of benefits Globe Network provides:

  1. High-Speed Internet: The Globe Network serves as the fastest telecom network in the Philippines. The network ensures users with super high-speed internet which makes users’ tasks easy and convenient to do. 
  1. Affordable Bundles/Packages: The Globe Network is not just good in services but also it is affordable for the users. The Network includes many top-ups or bundles and all are easy to manage costs. 
  1. Professional Customer Support: The Globe Network is dedicated and has promised users to provide efficient customer support service. The network ensures users with the 24/7 availability of the network. 


Q: What is 0935?

A: The 0935 is a four-digit code that is called the prefix number of a sim and it is owned by Globe Network.

Q: 0935 What Network?

A: The 0935 prefix number is registered under the telecommunication network in the Philippines known as Globe Telecom. 

Q: Which Country +63935 Number Belongs?

A: The +63 is an area code of the Philippines and 935 or 0935 is a prefix number that is owned by Globe Telecom Company, so it belongs to Philippines Country. 


Questions such as 0935 What network, Is 0935 Globe or Smart Network, are usually common questions asked by visitors in the Philippines or people who just received a call for the first time from such numbers. If you are also one of them and looking for the answer to such questions, this is for you!

The 0935 is a Globe Telecom’s prefix number and if someone is claiming it as a smart network, it is obviously a false statement.  The 0935 is a prefix number and it is only registered under the Globe Telecom Company. Additionally, Globe Telecom is the largest communication network in the Philippines. 

Furthermore, the 0935 is also called the Touch Mobile Network, as Globe and Touch Mobile use the same cellular network in the Philippines. If you are still confused about the 0935 prefix number, you can read the entire content. However, if you still need help, ask in the comment sections below.