0955 What Network- Globe Or Smart? Let’s Find Out!

You might have received a call or text from a number that starts with 0955 or +630955 and therefore you want to know the 0955 What Network. The 0955 is a communication network in the Philippines that is registered under the Globe Telecom or Touch Mobile Company. The Touch Mobile is Cellular of Globe Network.

The 0955 is a prefix number and numerous more prefixes are owned by Globe Telecom. Furthermore, the 055 Network or Globe Network is the most used sim communication network in the Philippines. It has more than 8000 employees and 40+ branches. The network has also earned a huge yearly revenue.

The Globe Network or Touch Mobile Network earned more than 170 Billion Philippine Pesos in 2020. There are various benefits for the people of the Philippines to using the Globe Network. Now let’s move into more details of the 0955 network and its essential information that a user must get. 

0955 What Network?

0955 Can either be a Globe Network or Touch Mobile. You can say it as 0955 is a Globe Network. The Touch Mobile is a cellular of Globe Network. So, both names are considered for the same network and there is nothing wrong with it. The Globe Network is reputable and popular in the Philippines.

The 0955 Network or Globe Network has numerous benefits for registered users in the Philippines. The 0955 Network is spread with the advanced technology of towers to ensure quick and fast service to the users. Also, the 0955 Network of Globe serves as the most reliable Mobile SIM.

Is 0955 Globe Network?

Yes, the 0955 Prefix number belongs to Globe Network. Also, it can be called a Touch Mobile Network. Both names are cellular to each other and if someone mentions any of them its name, it will be identified correctly. The Globe Network is a Philippines telecommunications company.

Moreover, the Globe Network has many other prefix numbers and each one is running in the association. The Globe Network is the number one network in the Philippines. It has Millions of registered users and more than 40 prefix numbers. Additionally, it has 200+ stores in the areas of the Philippines.

How to Register Sim With Globe Telecom?

Globe Network is a reliable and beneficial mobile sim in the Philippines. Its registration process is also convenient for people who want to join or get a sim of Globe. Following are the steps to get registered with Globe Mobile Network:

  • Visit the Official Globe Network Website
  • Tap on the Registration (Given Button on the Home Page)
  • Fill the boxes with the required documents, such as National ID, Passport, etc.
  • Tap below on the Done.
  • Verify the Documents viar received mail.
  • Wait for the verification process.
  • It may take a few days to register your sim. 

What are the Benefits of Globe Network?

Globe Network has numerous benefits for the users, and following are the some of them:

  • Globe Network is the most popular Network in the Philippines.
  • It has wide coverage with advanced technology towers.
  • Globe Network provides affordable bundles.
  • It has fast internet service with high speed.
  • Globe Network serves as a reliable communication network.
  • It has expert Customer Support 24/7. 


You might be in search of 0955 What Network, or you just want to confirm the network of 0955. Well, here you will get to know about the real network of 0955. The 0955 is Globe Netwok’s prefix number and it can also be called Touch Mobile. The Touch Mobile and Globe Network are one.

There are numerous prefix numbers or sims that belong to Globe Network. Moreover, it is the most reputable and popular network in the Philippines. There are two big networks in the Philippines, Globe, and Smart. Globe has more stores and employees than the Smart Network. 

The Globe Network has also more prefix numbers than the Smart Network. To identify the mobile network by yourself, you can visit the official site of any network and search for the prefix number, whether it is owned or not. To know more about Globe Network, read the entire above content.