0956 What Network? Everything You Need to Know

0956 What Network? Is it a Globe, Smart, or TM network? Well, the 0956 is a prefix number that belongs to a network of Philippines, known as either Globe or TM (Touch Mobile).  The 0956 prefix number can be used before dialing the phone number and it will redirect to the network’s sim holder.

Whether you are dialing a call or sending a text message, you need to include a prefix number. Additionally, it is a crucial step that lets other users know about your network. Every Telecommunication company has its own prefix number, so they can make a difference between all the networks. 

Moreover, the 0956 has multiple features and benefits for the users. It is not a simple communication network but also has diverse unique things. So, let’s get into the article to discover its benefits and features.

0956 What Network? Globe or Smart?

0956 is basically a prefix number that is owned by a telecommunication company known as either Globe or TM  (Touch Mobile).  It means the network can be called by both slogans or any of them. You can either call it Globe or TM. There is no such unique difference between these names.

Furthermore, the 0956 network is based in the Philippines and offers a wide range of services. The network has been mostly used by national individuals as a telecommunication service in the  Philippines. Moreover, the network has many advantages which can be availed by the users living within the country. 

Features of 0956 Network

There are various features of the 0956 Network for the people of the Philippines. Following are a few of the unique features:

  1. Convenient Communication:  The 0956 Network allows a convenient communication system for the users. Additionally, the Network has an advanced supply of the signal which emits within seconds to make reliable calls and texts.
  1. Numerous Top Ups: The 0956 or Globe or TM Network offers numerous top-ups for the users. Moreover, the Network includes affordable packages that contain bundles of MBS and MInutes
  1. Long Coverage: The 0956 is a Globe or TM network and it has a wide coverage with the advanced towers. This network has fixed the towers from a distance of a few miles to the users. Every 2-3 miles there is a tower located. 
  1. Budget-Friendly:  This network 0956 is one of the affordable networks for the people of the Philippines. However, it is not just reasonable but also offers diverse services and benefits. 
  1. Easy to Register: To register the 0956 or Globe Network with the 0956 prefix, simply visit the nearest branch of the network and provide them with documents to get registered yourself. 

How to Check the Network of 0956 on Mobile Phone?

You can also check the network of the 0956 prefix number on your cell phone and it is quite easy or simple. Following are the steps you need to follow to check the network of 0956 code or prefix number:


  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Tap on the Networks.
  3. Select Cellular Network.
  4. OR select Internet Network.
  5. The name is the Network of your sim.

So, these are a few quick steps to check the mobile network by yourself. 


Q: What is 0956 Network?

A: The 0956 Network belongs to Globe Network or TM (Touch Mobile).

Q: Which Country 0956 or +63956 Network is?

A: The 0956 or +63956 belongs to a Philippines telecommunications network known as Globe or TM.

Q: How Can I Check the Network of a SIM card in a Cell Phone?

A: To check the network of a sim card in a cell phone, simply go to the settings, select a network, and tap on the cellular network, the appearance name is your Sim’s Network.


The 0956 is a Globe or TM Network that is based in the Philippines and it is one of the trusted telecommunication networks. Often visitors or newbies get confused about what company the network belongs to so they can make their top-ups or calls. To verify a Network’s company or to check, simply check in cell phone settings.

However, you can also check in Google by searching the four-digit number, or prefix number and typing what network for example 0956 what network? In this way, you can check the network of a SIM card in a search engine. 

In this article, we have described the more crucial information about the 0956 network which you may need in the future. Explore and read the entire content to know more about the network.

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