0963 What Network- Does it belong to Globe or Smart?

0963 What Network? Is 0963 a Globe Network or Smart Network? The 0963 is a prefix number or code that can be used while dialing a call or sending a text message, and it is registered by the owning company to which network it belongs. But why should you know about the prefix number? Is it essential? 

The answer to the question of why you should know the prefix number is definitely yes, it is because of many reasons that are concerned with the network. There are two types of networks in the Philippines, one is Globe, and the other is Smart, and each one has its own features and uses. 

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About 0963 

0963 is the code number that is a combination of four digits and it is known as a prefix number. A prefix number is the signature code or verifying code provided by any specific telecommunication network. 0963 prefix is registered by a local telecommunication company based in Phillippine.

The purpose of using this code is to refer to the operating system to understand which network it belongs to and it is crucial for networks to distinguish between the company’s name. It is not just compulsory for the network to know about the network, but is also essential for the users. 

0963 What Network?

0963 is a prefix number and it belongs to the telecommunication company known as Smart Communication. The network is established or based in the Philippines. 0963 is the chosen code by the company to allow algorithms of the system to understand from which network this belongs. 

The Smart network has many advantages for the users and it is one of the trusted networks of the Philippines. The network was first used by the Philippines community locally and later some users converted it to the Globe network mode. There are different benefits for each mode and the smart one is commonly used. 

Benefits of 0963 Network

The 0963 is a smart communication network that has numerous benefits for users.

1. Multiple Services

The 0963 or Smart network is a smart network and it has multiple services that users can get. It has services such as reliable calls, easy-to-send texts, affordable packages, less tax on loads, and much more.

2. Numerous Top-ups

Smart is one of the top-rated networks in the Philippines and it is due to many reasons that one is a diverse number of top-ups which meet’s users requirements. The network includes several call top-ups, internet, and text messages.

3. Broad Coverage

The 0963 has a wide coverage of the network in the cities of the Philippines, so it immediately emits the signals to the users and this makes users quickly receive calls or text messages. 

4. Affordable Network

TheSmart Network has outstanding services and all are affordable in price. Users can avail of its amazing features such as making calls, sending texts, using the internet, and much more communication-based. 

5. Customer Support

The 0963 or Smart communication network, has a team of expert customer support who are dedicated to timely responses to questions and queries asked by the users. The customer support service is available 24/7 except for any fault. 


The  0963 is a prefix number produced by a telecommunication network company based in the Philippines. The network is known as Smart Communication and it is spread in most of the cities in the Philippines. The 0963 or smart communication network is not a Globe network.

However, it can be converted to the Globe version. There is a significant difference between the Smart network and the Globe network. Each one has different features and services and the prices can also fluctuate. The Smart network is accessible locally, whereas the globe network can be accessed as an international network. 

The Smart network has incredible benefits for the users and all are mentioned above in a detailed guide. So, you must read the key points based on its advantages and also on the basics of it.