0968 What Network? Is It a Smart Network or Globe?

0968 What Network? If your mobile phone number begins with 0968 then it belongs to Smart Network. The Smart Network or TNT is the same so you can also call it a TNT network. The Smart Network is one of the largest telecom companies based in the Philippines. There are several prefix numbers owned by the Smart Network or TNT. 

Moreover, knowing the network of a mobile sim is very crucial for a user. After verifying the network of a SIM number a user can get many benefits. There are many prefix numbers associated with the Smart network. Each prefix number can be identified from the official website of Smart Network.

Furthermore, you can also verify the Mobile network from your mobile phone. So for this, you need to read this entire content, here we will describe a few simple steps that can help you to know the network of a prefix number by yourself. So, without further delay, let’s dive into this article. 

0968 What Network?

The 0968 is a Smart Network or Talk n’ txt network and it is operated in the Philippines. The Smart Network is a well-known and the largest telecom network in the Philippines. Additionally, the smart network provides quality services to the users. The network provides services such as Fast Internet, Quick texts, reliable calls, etc.

The 0968 is a prefix number and it might be difficult for beginners or new users to identify the network. So, for your convenience, we want to let you know it is only owned by Smart Network. You can also check the network of a prefix number by yourself. Just search the prefix number in the browser to get know.

0968 Globe or Smart Network?

The 0968 is a Smart Network and it is a telecom network in the Phillippines. The 0968 is a code or prefix number that is given by the Smart Network. The prefix number is used to determine or to create a difference between the networks. There are several prefix numbers of the Smart Network.

In addition, more than 15 prefix numbers are owned by the Smart Network such as 0961, 0970, etc. Additionally, there are many advantages for users to remember or identify a network of prefix numbers. Moreover, the Smart Network is at the top for providing the best mobile network service in the Philippines. 

Importance of Knowing Mobile Network

Knowing a network of a mobile sim is very crucial to get the advantages. Many networks in each country work for communication. Like the Philippines, many have mobile Networks that are run by different telecom companies. The Smart Network and Globe Network are the biggest telecom companies operating in the Philippines. 

Following are the Benefits of Knowing the Mobile Network. 

  • When you know the network of a SIM, it will make it easy for you to call the same network SIM.
  • By calling the same network sim you can reduce the rate of calls.
  • When you call with the same network it can allow you to speak for long hours.
  • You will also get free minutes and SMS for the same network sim.

How to Identify a Mobile Network?

You can identify the mobile network by just following the simple steps, and here are these steps:

  • Open your Mobile Phone’s Setting.
  • Tap on the Network or Cellular Data
  • Select the Mobile Networks.
  • Tap on the Number of SIMs you want to know about the network.
  • The name appears to be the Mobile Network of your Sim. 


  • Open your browser in the Device/Mobile.
  • Type your Prefix number and search for Network.
  • (Example: 0968 what Network.)
  • The featured snippet will show your answer, or will be known by reading the article. 

Final Thoughts

Looking to know 0968 what network? Or are you confused about the 0968 smart network, or does it belong to the globe network? If yes, now you will know what the 0968 network is. We would like to inform you that 0968 belongs to a telecom company based in the Philippines known as Smart Network.

The 0968 prefix number is authorised by the Smart Network and it is not a Globe Network. Numerous prefix numbers are owned by the Smart Network. The Smart Network or 0968 is the largest network operating in the Philippines right now in 2023. It has more than 30 Million Subscribers in the Philippines. 

Furthermore, the smart network serves the highest quality network services. It includes affordable bundles, fast internet, quick text messages, and many more services for registered users. Moreover, you can also identify the network by searching it in the browser with a prefix number. 

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