0985 What Network in Philippines-Globe or Smart?

0985 What Network? The 0985 is a four-digit prefix number that belongs to Smart Communications. The 0985 prefix can also be considered as Talk N Text, as both use the same cellular network. Smart Communication is the growing telecom network in the Philippines.

So, whenever you receive a call or text message from a 0985 beginning phone number, you have to consider it as Smart communication. 9+ prefix numbers are operating under the Smart telecom. The services of Smart telecom are vast and each of the services makes ease of access to telecom for the users.

The services provided by Smart Communication include high-speed internet, reliable voice calls, discounted bundles, and much more. It is also an affordable sim for consumers seeking an affordable network. You can register with Smart Telecom by visiting the nearest branch.

Additionally, you need to provide the documents for the verification so you can be registered with the network and get a sim card. Here in this article, you will learn step by step guide to registration and also will discover more about the 0985 network. So, let’s begin now!

0985 What Network?

The 0985 is a prefix number that belongs to Smart Communication and it is the largest telecom provider in the Philippines. The Smart Network offers quality services such as High-Speed Internet, reliable voice calls, fast text messaging, discounted packages, and much more.

Smart Communication is a great network that is recommended by professionals. It has a vast number of users and has achieved positive feedback from the users. The services of Smart communication are the major reason behind the immense growth. It has more than 9 prefix numbers.

Moreover, the 0985 prefix number is also aligned with the Talk N Text network, Smart & talk N Text uses the same cellular. So, if someone is considering the 0985 prefix number under the Talk N Text, it won’t be referred to wrong. You can also call the 0985 prefix code owned by the Talk N Text.

Features of Smart Communication

The Smart Communication network has incredible features that include:

High-Speed Internet

The 0985 prefix number belongs to Smart Telecom and it has high-speed internet service for the users. Smart Communication has installed a modern technology system to ensure a high-speed network for mobile devices. 

Reliable Communication

Smart Communication is a reliable network for telecom purposes and users have a great experience with it. The network ensures reliable voice calls from the dialer to the opponent or receiver subscriber. 

Vast Bundles

Smart Communication offers a vast number of bundles that can meet every individual’s needs. The Smart telecom contains voice calls bundles, text messages bundles, and internet bundles.  


Smart Communication is an affordable telecom network for consumers to avail of numerous telecom services. The network provides various top-ups for calls, internet, and text messages, and all the bundles are affordable to purchase. 

Expert Customer Support

The Smart communication network has expert customer support for the consumers to ask questions related to telecom. The customer support team of Smart is based on highly qualified individuals and expert teams. 

Pros & Cons of Smart Communication 

Smart Communication is a great telecom provider for consumers but every network has its pros and cons and they must be addressed to the users. However, Smart is better in comparison to other networks. Following are the Pros & Cons:


  • Smart Communication is one of the Largest telecom networks in the Philippines.
  • There are more than 9 prefix numbers that work under Smart Telecom.
  • It offers super fast internet service for registered consumers.
  • The Smart Communication Network has numerous discounted bundles.
  • It is a reliable network for communication purposes.
  • The registration of Smart Communication SIM is so convenient. 


  • The Smart Communication network might not work in the small villages.
  • Registration with Smart Communication may charge a small fee.

Registration Process of Smart Communication

The registration process of Smart Communication is quite convenient for the users but if you find it hard, the following are a few basic and easy steps to get registered with Smart:

  • Get your Documents such as your National ID Card, etc.
  • Head towards the Nearest Smart Branch.
  • Meet with the recipient and ask for registration.
  • He/She will provide the Document in paper form.
  • Fill out the form with the required details.
  • Give the filled form paper to the recipient.
  • You will get a token and will be advised for the verification wait.
  • After approval, you will get the sim card at your given address. 


Q: What is Prefix?

A: A prefix is a four-digit code that is inserted before dialling a phone number on the Mobile Phone, for example, 0985 is a prefix number, so it can be dialled with the phone number 09851234567.

Q: Does 0985 belong to Globe?

A: No, the 0985 prefix number is not operated or belongs under Globe Telecom.

Q: 0985 What Network?

A: The 0985 is a four-digit prefix code that is operating and working under Smart Communications in the Philippines.

Q: How to Check the Network of Prefix Numbers?

A: To check the Network of Prefix number you need to search the prefix code in the browser or you can visit the nearest branch of any network to ask whether it’s owned by them or else network. 


0985 What Network in the Philippines? Does it belong to Smart or Globe? Such questions are circulating on the internet and people are confused about the right network of sim numbers. If you are also the one who had just purchased the sim card and looking to know 0985 what the network is, you are at the right place. 

The 0985 is a four-digit prefix number or code that belongs to Smart Communications in the Philippines. Smart is the biggest network in the Philippines and has vast services that include fast internet, reliable voice calls, quick text messages, affordable bundles, and much more.

Smart Communication is a great network for telecom and it has Millions of active subscribers. Moreover, the Smart telecom network is an easy to use network and registration is also easy with it. Read the above content to know more detailed information about 0985 and what network, if you have questions, hit comment below.