10 Most Followed Accounts On Instagram

Instagram has successfully became a well designed application to interact with each other and it is user friendly and clean too. The beautiful interface of instagram has allowed it to establish a high engagement level of highly active users. As instagram has become one of the most popular platforms  for resources in world people began to share photos and look for strangers. Like all social networks it has its own leadership in number of subscribers. It’s a lifestyle .Desire of fame is natural and instagram has provided us a platform to gain potential fame .Here are 10 top most followed accounts on instagram who have become famous

*-INSTAGRAM: With 330+ million followers instagram official account is the most popular and followed account. They share pictures highlighting creators, artists,celebrities,nature and other appealing content .It deserves this place because it is undeniably one of the most important social channels all around us. Buy Instagram followers go and viral on Instagram.

But if we talk about living things or human beings and physical things we can exclude Instagrams official account and can jump to the following list 


With almost 0.2 billion followers Cristiano ronaldo is one of the world’s leading soccer player. He is captain of Portugal National Team and currently plays for Juventus F.C.. His net worth is roughly $460 million that makes him one of the richest athletes of the world. His nonstop goals,hat-tricks,trophies and broken most difficult records for both clubs are making him so worthy. He earn this fame by his undeniable hard work. He is using this platform to interact with his fans  and shows off impressive skills on his instagram account .He also posts about the amazing places he visits. His account also focuses on his family pictures

2- Ariana Grande :

She is famous for her pop hit making, talking about her mental health so bravely on public platform. She has almost 170+ million followers and she uses this platform to share behind the scenes pictures and treasures of her new videos along with her tour photos when roaming around with her friends. She is an international Pop icon. She is a pop music sensation known for a very long list of hit songs. Five time platinum recording artist is the most followed women artist on instagram.

3- dwayne Johnson:

Hitting up about 174 million followers., this one of the highest scoring box office star is a legend  and a  professional wrestler. He was a professional wrestler for World Wrestling Federation for eight years prior to pursuing his passion for acting..He also won the title of coolest dad of 2019 .He is using his account to show his Epic, mind-blowing workouts ,personal content and a stream of fun. He is famous for motivational captions .He is a famous Holywood actor who successfully counted his name twice in world record book.

4- Selena Gomez:

This much talented young Diva is a singer,Actress,musical work editor with award of “good will ambassador”. She was diagnosed with lupus while on the peak of her career. Her photos that were posted on her account show subscribers that at the worst times there is a light of hope. That’s why she is so popular .She has won numerous awards for her solo music career and now she is busy in Netflix shows.

5- Kylie Jenner

6- Kim Kardashian West

7- Leo Messi:

The second atheist to crack the top ten followers on instagram is Messi with 140+ million followers. He is FIFA best men’s football player and worlds best paid football players. He has scored total 498 goals in t 625 games till time  with 387 hattricks. He is just beyond words when we talk about his gaming capabilities. He uses his account to post about his highlights of game and about his family. His Instagram is exactly the thing you expect it to be :a look at his three children, his shots of playing and his incredible dog.

8- Beyonce:

A Diva of music industry for almost 25 years, worlds best known performers, a mind-blowing entrepreneur, a fantastic actress, song writer, record producer and dancer., this list is beyond counting with her incredible works in industry. After breaking up with her best selling girl group “Destiny Child” she rose as a highly successful young talent and started her solo career. She sold about 100 million records world wide as a solo performer and 60 million records when she was a part of Destiny’s child .She is the most nominated woman in awards history.

9- Neymar:

The third football star with almost 135+ million followers is Neymar. As third highest paid atheist in world he is also named as Time magazine’s most influential people in the world in 2k17.He is playing for Paris Sainr Germain and Brazil national team. He posts videos of his personal life, travels and game shots. He is very famous for his Iconic hairstyles.

10- National Geographic :

This is the first publication that comes in top 10 list of most instagram followers containing account. Its presence in the list proves that old dogs can learn new tricks. This publication is using their digital platform to show case the world class photography and wild life photography and documentaries. They are sharing the taboos of world through their eye. They deserve to be in this list by hitting almost 131 million followers. They share stunning images and insightful captions and they are giving their followers a chance to explore world’s those places that are unknown to the general population.