10 Ways to create a viral marketing campaign successful

Digital marketing is the trendiest and hottest topic these days. There are a lot many things that are involved in digital marketing. Many social media platforms are having memes and videos on it. It takes a few seconds to get any particular video ‘viral’. If you are a businessman you must be aware of viral marketing. Social media is very powerful. It helps in creating brand awareness and increasing sales. Viral content marketing is a solid tool for growing business by four-folds. Are you guys aware of viral marketing? 

Viral marketing is the way of running a business strategy which uses social media platforms for spreading relevant information about products and services to people in a way of the virus spreading

The 10 ways to create a Viral marketing campaign successful are:-

  1. Set your goals
  2. Know your target audience
  3. Choose relevant social media
  4. Go for quality content
  5. Involve Emotions
  6. Provide offers and giveaways
  7. Share, embed, download
  8. Opt Influencer marketing
  9. Don’t Over Concentrate it
  10. Go with the flow

Set your goals

Without goals how could anyone think of succeeding? You must have some specific goals before making any decision. Similarly, in the case of Viral marketing, you must be aware of your motive. I mean you should first ask yourself these questions.

  • What is the purpose of doing this viral marketing campaign?
  • Why am I taking this initiative?
  • How will it be fruitful to me?
  • Can it be helpful to increase sales and leads?

Some people perform viral campaigns to make their product sales increase whether some people opt this for increasing their brand visibility. It is up to you for which purpose you are doing so?

Know your target audience

See the important thing is for whom we are doing marketing and promotions? The credibility of doing these things goes to the audience. If the audience is happy and content with your services then you are ready to go in the market. Keep in mind, viral campaigns are successful if you know which category of the audience will be influenced by this.  

You need to do a lot of research to find your target audience. This will help you in making your content viral 3 times faster.

Choose relevant social media

Every social media platform is different from each other. You should have firstly know which platforms suit your content to get viral. If you are targeting professional people and your content is somewhat related to that you can choose LinkedIn. 

On the other hand, if your content is kind of important information like any message, you can use Whatsapp groups for that. Similarly, if your content is related to business promotion or any advertising like sales purchase, you can use Facebook. These are just examples. You should be aware of what kind of platform is suitable for you.

Go for quality content

Quality matters a lot. Work for the quality, not for the quantity. Content should be engaging. It should contain images if needed. Visual content is easy to go through.  Infographics possess the ability to impress customers. The title of the content should be catchy. It can be able to seek the attention of the people. Make sure that you are using the H1 heading and meta description well. These are the basic things that drew the focus of the people on the content.

Involve Emotions

Emotions usually grab more attention. That kind of content gets viral more easily. Different emotions like a laugh, cry, fun changes the mentality of the people. It indulges them to share it with more people. There are ways to engage the audience. You can share thrilling content, scary content and informative content. It’s merely your choice. Positive emotions yield better results.

Provide offers and giveaways

Do people usually feel what is the benefit given to them for sharing the content? You can make their sharing worth. You can give them free offers and discounts on getting 100 shares. They are making your content viral, you should provide them some free rewards like e-books, courses, and vouchers for shopping. You can also design giveaways on social media platforms to make a promotion of your goods and services at a fast pace.

Share, embed, download

You can add sharing options along with your message. If your content is designed in such a way that it is easy to share. Following are the main things to be considered

  • Your content should be easily shareable on different websites for social media marketing.
  • It is easily embeddable
  • People find it easy to download.
  • The content of the message is easy to understand and read.

Opt Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective way to make your content viral. Almost more than 95% of people believe that this strategy works. Influencer marketers can provide brands to go far with relevant reach. And it can spice up the viral marketing campaign at every speed.

Don’t Over Concentrate it

Viral content should not be complex. The audience avoids reading that kind of content which is highly overloaded with data. The following things need to be followed.

  • The audience loves to read concise content.
  • Make impressive content.
  • Don’t plaster the brand everywhere in the content.
  • Use simple language.

Go with the flow

It’s better if you give it a chance to get viral on its own. Many business people or campaigns sometimes make the mistake of doing viral hits. Make sure the things will take time. Things will come in your favor if you let the campaign grow on its own. I mean it’s better if the campaign grows naturally. If in the first attempt it does not spread to a great extent, maybe there are some problems. Work for that. Don’t disappoint over the failure of your campaign.


Digital marketing company in Dubai has provided different kinds of opportunities. It has several methods by which we can perform marketing to generate leads. Viral marketing is one of the important methods. If your content has the charisma then it takes a few seconds to get viral, so make sure you should focus on your content. In this blog, we have described 10 ways to create a Viral marketing campaign successful. If you are having any doubt, feel free to ask me in the comment box.