12 Amazing Ways To Detoxify Your Body Naturally At Home

During the day, our body absorbs many toxins that are present almost everywhere: in food, air, on objects from everyday life. Toxins include harmful substances such as pesticides, mercury, and uranium. All those elements that are harmful to the well-being of a person come in the category of toxins. An excess of harmful substances negatively affects the state of health. 

Therefore, it is important to get rid of them. You can either get detoxification treatment or detoxify your body naturally at home. In this article, we offer you 12 effective ways to help rid your body toxins.

How To Detoxify Your Body Naturally

1- Red Wine

No matter how unnatural it may sound, but this alcoholic drink helps to cleanse the body. Numerous studies show that one glass of red wine a day can help raise cholesterol levels and even fight urinary tract inflammation. There is a strong belief that alcohol and fitness cannot be combined. 

But a moderate amount of alcohol can actually be beneficial. It also depends on the type of alcohol you are drinking. Just be cautious; substance overdose can take you to the hospital. Make sure you do not abuse alcoholic drinks and use them only in moderate amount.

2- Activated Carbon

If anyone does not know, then activated carbon gets from burned wood or coconut shells. There is no oxygen in the burnt substance, and it has a powerful adsorbing effect. Activated carbon removes most of the known toxins, heavy metals from the body. Tablets are beneficial to be taken before drinking alcohol or before meals.

3- Drinking Water

Water has a powerful cleansing effect. The more you drink it, the more toxins get released from your body through the urinary tract. This urine takes most of the toxins from the body. We also recommend a drink that will promote detoxification.

Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 3 liters of water. Start your day with a glass of this drink. It will keep your stomach clean and also help to detoxify the body naturally throughout the day.

4- Limiting Refined Sugar

Refined sugar and unnatural sweeteners block metabolism and increase blood glucose levels. Thus, a person gains excess weight and can develop heart disease or diabetes. We recommend using natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, organic brown sugar. 

As soon as your body gets rid of excess, you will definitely notice a decrease in cravings for sugary foods. There are hundreds of reasons not to eat white sugar. Many nutritionists call it “white poison.” Therefore, it is important to replace this sugar with natural sweeteners or honey. 

5- Organic Products

As you know, we obtain organic products without the use of chemical fertilizers and antibiotics. As a result, these products do not contain harmful toxins. Such food will speed up the metabolism and help the digestive system get rid of harmful substances faster. 

Processed foods are not as healthy as organic foods. Buy the latter only from trusted farmers or grow it yourself. Moreover, these foods not only taste good but are also healthier than the processed foods. 

6- Air Purification

Harmful substances can enter our homes through open windows. An air purifier can help keep your home clean. Also, do wet cleaning more often and dust off surfaces. This is important because of the time the toxins enter our body through the unhealthy atmosphere. 

7- Green Tea

Coffee, in particular unfiltered coffee, contains a diterpenoid, which increases cholesterol levels. To keep the amount of cholesterol within acceptable limits, switch to tea, preferably green or herbal. Moreover, these types of tea have detoxification properties and help to boost the immune system of a person.

8- Starvation

The more food we eat, the more we feel like eating more often. This increases our appetite and desire to eat unhealthy foods. You can break this vicious circle with short-term fasting. Avoiding food for 1–2 days will help to cleanse the body. It also leads to a more balanced diet and pacifying appetite.

9- Sauna And Sports

Together with sweat, toxins leave our bodies. Accordingly, the more you sweat the more harmful substances the body gets rid of. But before going to the sauna or bath, you need to get a doctor’s approval. For some people, such high temperatures are dangerous; they need to be careful.

Exercise also provokes perspiration. Choose the type of physical activity that you do best and from which you get satisfaction. But do not forget to take a shower after finishing your workout to cleanse your skin of sweat.

10- Probiotics

The better our digestive system works, the faster the body is able to cleanse itself of harmful substances. To improve the functioning of all organs of the digestive tract, we recommend taking probiotics or foods with a similar effect.

Natural probiotics include kefir and white yogurt. Try to include these foods in your daily menu, and you will definitely notice positive changes in the functioning of the digestive system.

11- Smoothie

Having a lot of raw, unprocessed fiber in our diet helps improve digestion. Make smoothies with many vegetables and fruits that come to hand. But only use them raw, unprocessed, and you can use kefir or yogurt as an addition. Smoothies are often used in a comprehensive green detox program.

12- Ionization Of Water And Air

Detoxification with water ions is another effective way. Use such devices in beauty salons after a pedicure, and you can purchase a device for home use. It is not even worth explaining how an air ionizer works. In modern life, it is impossible to protect the body from toxins completely. We can only get rid of them as quickly as possible and minimize the harmful effects on health.


There is no harm in naturally detoxifying the body at home. Moreover, you won’t have to spend too much money on your health, by following the above tips; you can get rid of all toxins from the body naturally.