3 Best Suburbs for You and Your Family Near Round Rock, Texas

There’s nothing as challenging as moving to a new town. The trickiest part about this endeavor is to look for a place you’ll be calling home as long as you reside around. The list of things to look at when seeking a suburb you’ll be calling home is endless. 

For instance, you will notice that everything matters, from the region’s architectural style and safety standards to the quality of the social amenities in the surrounding areas. But you will also think about the level of convenience in the area and other elements as well. Yes, all of these aspects must be adhered to any time you move to a new place in town.

What if you found a suburb that meets all your standards (and at times gives you more)? Well, the Round Rock, Texas area provides you with an endless list of suburban locations that you will never regret calling home. 

Here is the list of the three best suburbs for you and your family near Round Rock, Texas, click here to find out more about it.

1. Cedar Park is a Wonderful Place

Cedar Park is the perfect place to start a family, move with your family or live by yourself if you are an enthusiast of a not-so-small town environment. With slightly over 70,000 occupants, Cedar Park is a suburb located to the western side of Round Rock with A+ rated public schools. This shows that you won’t face any challenges or issues pioneering your children’s schooling interests.

Cedar Park presents with a higher per capita income concerning the national average. The suburb provides you with full access to recreational activities and restaurants that range from exclusive coffee joints to amazing taco spots. Home prices in this area are relatively low at a median of $330,000.

That means that you can get homes for sale in Round Rock Tx that are within your price range. Remember to look in a comprehensive way to get the best houses!

2. Rollingwood is Home to Many

Rollingwood is located in the southwestern region of Austin and borders the great Zilker Park. This is the most ideal suburb for you and your family to call home. Indeed, Rollingwood is only 20 minutes away from downtown Austin and 15 minutes from the University of Texas.

Rollingwood has been distinguished as a suburb with the best and easy to access public parks, and A+ rated public schools. You’ll have the academic feel and air of the Austin Nature and Science Center, Barton Springs, and Botanical Gardens when you make the wise decision to settle in Rollingwood.

You won’t have to worry about your groceries since Rollingwood is the home of a leading store like Trader Joe’s.  The suburb presents you with a collection of mid-range housing facilities at an average cost of $0.6 million. 

Of course, you can obtain homes for sale in Round Rock Tx without having to pay a significant amount if you purchase it in the right area.

3. Brushy Creek

Brushy Creek could be the ideal suburb around Round Rock if you are a first-time home buyer looking for a more reasonable region to settle with your family. It will cost you an average of $300,000 to acquire a suitable housing facility in the Brushy Creek area. In essence, Brushy Creek allows its residents to experience a safe community in one of the highly sought-after cities in the United States.

 The Brushy Creek area is linked to a range of exclusive schooling facilities, hotels, grocery stores, and medical amenities. It’s only a half an hour commute area from downtown and offers excellent job opportunities.

That means that your homes for sale in Round Rock Tx will come with the right elements.

It is A Wonderful Place To Live

These different areas near Round Rock present amazing opportunities for single people and families. You can move, build a community, and get involved with various activities and events in the region. Recall that you are bound to have fun and thrive by slowly integrating into one of these suburbs.