3 Best Zorb Balls In The Market

Summer is on our head and everyone is moving towards the beach to enjoy quality time together. On the beach, people can swim which makes them active and energetic for many days. But what if you are not in the mood of swimming and want to walk on the water. Yes, you heard it right walking on the water is possible but how? For this, you need a zorb ball. They are the new in trend physical exercise activity that let you walk on water. Zorb balls are giant transparent and sphere balls that are made of PVC which makes it super durable and enjoyable indoors and outdoors.

Not only on water but these giant zorb balls let  you ride down from the hill or play on flat ground with friends. There are one or more doors through which you can enter or come out. It has two separate balls, the first is a big one and the second is smaller than the first whose feature is to absorb the shocks while riding, walking or playing. For the past few years, these balls have been the most entertaining sports summer activity in the world that is loved by kids, adults, and old people. Zorb balls are available in almost all stores and one can also buy them online. But the question here is, which one is the best zorb ball and how much it will cost. In this article, we will discuss some zorb balls and their price in the market.

1. Inflatable 2.5m human hamster zorb ball

If you want the best human hamster ball for your young kids then there is no other option than Kameymall’s inflatable 2.5m zorb ball. It is recommended for children 6 years or above. The ball is made up of 0.8mm PVC that makes it durable. Moreover, the zorb ball has passed the CE/UL/SGS certificate standards so it is totally safe for your kids to use on ground or water. The best thing about this is that the kid’s head is protected as it will be in the middle of the ball so they will not face any harm while playing.


  • 2.5m Dia size
  • CE/UL/SGS certified
  • Shock absorption
  • Two handles for strong grip
  • Perfect size for children
  • Easy to use and store

2. Half color and half clear inflatable 1.5m zorb ball

The second one comes in a half red and half clear combination. If you want a different color from transparent then this zorb ball is best for you. One side of the ball is red and the other side is clear with no color at all. It is made up of 0.8mm PVC, the same as the first ball. The crafting of the ball makes it durable on water and ground surface. Moreover, the ball is CE/UL/SGS certified with 1 year warranty. If in any case it is damaged, a repair kit comes along with a zorb ball so you don’t need to buy a new one and can repair it at home. The size of the ball is 1.5m in diameter.


  • Inflatable ball
  • 1.5m diameter
  • Made up of 0.8mm PVC material
  • Half red and half transparent
  • CE/UL/SGS certified
  • 1 year warranty
  • Repair kit included

3. Kameymall inflatable outdoor game zorb ball

If you don’t want to run on water and in a mood to play outdoor games then this zorb ball model is best for you. It comes in different colors including purple, red, blue, and transparent. You can even ask for custom colors if required. As it is an outdoor game giant ball, you can play soccer, running, hitting, riding from the hill, and rolling games with it. It is made up of PVC material with 1.5m of diameter that can adjust not only kids but also young children. The zorb ball comes along with a repair kit which lets you repair in case of damage. The ball is CE/UL/SGS certified just like other 2 on this list. It comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Custom color allowed
  • 1.5 m diameter
  • Made from PVC material
  • CE/UL/SGS certified
  • 1 year warranty with repair kit