3 Reasons Why Use a Camera Matte Box On Your Next Shoot

The landscape of professional videography extends far beyond the choice of cameras and lenses. Professional videography is a nuanced art where incorporating certain accessories enhances the overall quality of the footage. The camera matte box emerges as an integral yet often underappreciated tool among these accessories. Its role in refining the visual output of any project is critical, yet it tends to be overlooked in the planning and execution phases of video production. Understanding the functionality and impact of a camera matte box can dramatically transform how videographers approach their craft, leading to more prosperous and more professional results.

What is a Matte Box?                                                          

Before delving into its uses, let’s see what a matte box is in the first place. A camera matte box is a critical accessory in cinematography, typically attached to the front of a camera lens. Its main structure includes a box-like enclosure with adjustable flaps designed to surround the lens. The primary role of a camera matte box is to provide a controlled environment around the camera lens, which helps in optimizing the lighting and image quality during filming. The camera matte box does this by managing how external light interacts with the lens, helping to prevent issues like lens flare and glare.

Why You Need to Use a Matte Box?

  • Filtration

A camera matte box’s key advantage is its ability to use various matte box filters, including ND, black pro-mist, and pearlescent, without attaching them directly to the lens. Such functionality is made possible by a drop-in filter feature, which simplifies the process of changing filters.  

  • Block Unwanted Light

A camera matte box blocks unwanted light and prevents lens flare using adjustable flaps or side flags, which are especially useful in bright or variable lighting to maintain contrast and colour saturation in the footage.

  • Safety

A significant advantage of using the camera matte box is that it protects the camera lens from several hazardous elements. When shooting in outdoor or challenging environments, the lens is exposed to potential hazards like dust, moisture, and debris. A camera matte box acts as a first line of defense against them, which not only prolongs the life of the camera lens but also ensures that external factors do not compromise the visual quality of the footage.

SmallRig’s Matte Boxes: Enhancing the Videography Experience

Are you looking for a safe camera matte box that can block light well? SmallRig offers high-quality matte boxes that bring immense value to your shooting projects!

SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite 3575

1. SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite 3575

The SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite 3575 is an exceptional accessory for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, designed to enhance the quality of your footage by managing light interaction with the lens. Weighing only 108g, it offers a lightweight yet robust solution for videographers:

  • Lightweight Design (108g): Adds minimal weight to the camera setup, easing handling and manoeuvrability.
  • Multiple Filter Support: Capable of holding various filters, including plug-in and circular filters, for enhanced image quality with flexibility in filter choice.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Comes with a clamp connector that works with adapter rings of various sizes, suitable for a wide array of lenses, enhancing its adaptability.
  • Adjustable Top Flag: Comes with a carbon-fiber top flag that can be positioned to block intense light, with an anti-reflective design to minimize internal reflections, ensuring better control over lighting and image clarity.
SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box

2. SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box (Φ95mm) VND Kit 3645

The SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box VDN Kit 3645 is tailored for mirrorless cameras. It is designed to prevent glare and flare caused by sunlight or other light sources, and it’s particularly effective in balancing exposure and controlling images on the screen:

  • Modular Design: This design enables quick disassembly, simplifying handling and transport.
  • Wide Compatibility & VND Filter System: The camera matte box includes adapter rings for different lens sizes and supports various circular filters. It also features a removable VND filter system for swift exposure adjustments.
  • No Vignetting & Additional Accessories: It’s optimized for lenses with a focal length of ≥16mm to prevent vignetting. The package includes a filter frame, lens hood, top flag, and dual rod support, enhancing usability and performance.

These two SmallRig matte boxes provide distinct features and benefits, ideal for professional videographers seeking to improve their work with quality accessories.


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