4 Common Signs That You Need a Collection Attorney in New York

If you’re like most people, you don’t know what a collection attorney does until you need one. A collection attorney is a person to call if you have unpaid bills or other types of debt that you can’t pay, like after bankruptcy. 

Collection attorneys specialize in civil litigation and they assist clients with overdue accounts. These attorneys act as intermediaries between creditors, who are owed money by people who cannot pay them back, and their debtor customers. When a creditor has been unable to work out an agreement with its customer in an attempt to repay the debt through more traditional means, the creditor may bring their case to a collection lawyer in New York for further action.

Here are 4 common signs that you need a collection attorney in New York.

1. Creditors frequently calling your home or workplace

Even after contacting your creditors directly and explaining your situation, these lenders may still refuse to help set up an agreement that you can afford. If you’re receiving calls from debt collectors on a regular basis and the creditors themselves are not willing to work out a repayment plan with you, this is often the first step in bringing your case to a collection attorney. 

2. An inability to pay back loans at the present time

If you can’t pay off all of your debts, this may be a sign that you need help from a collection attorney. In addition to helping clients in debt settlements, many collection attorneys can be very helpful in obtaining short-term loans. This is particularly true for consumers who are experiencing hardship and would rather not go into bankruptcy. 

3. Threat of lawsuit from a creditor

If you debate with your creditors and the debt collectors who work for them, you may be sued by those lenders. And if this happens, a collection attorney will handle your case in court. Some collection attorneys even handle such matters outside of court, but this is not always the best way to settle debts. Rather, a collection attorney will work with your creditors to help you come up with a repayment plan that you can afford.

4. Being treated unfairly by collectors

If you have experienced unfair treatment by collectors, your collection attorney will work with you to make sure that the creditors have handled your case properly. On top of handling debts, many collection attorneys can help repair credit reports if harsh statements from debt collectors have damaged your credit rating.