4 Reasons why you may lose likes and followers on Facebook

You may have noticed that Facebook likes and Facebook followers vary on Facebook pages. This happens because there are two different buttons for each option. However, most of the time, pages are set in a way that when you like a page, you automatically follow it by default. 

Someone who has liked your page may decide to unfollow it but not unlike it. In that case, they will not see all your posts. Other people may choose to follow your page but not like it.

Another interesting thing about Facebook pages is that if people love your content, they can choose to see it first. Below the follow button, there is a dropdown menu that has the options to unfollow and see first. If a person selects ‘see first,’ your post will appear before other posts on their news feeds.

Why Some People May Decide to Unlike or Unfollow your Page

It is not uncommon for people to unfollow a page. The following are the most common reasons why this happens.

1. When your audience no longer relates to the kind of content you are posting

For example, if you are a gym instructor and have been posting gym related content but suddenly decide to make your page political, some people may choose to unfollow you. If your page is no longer serving the purpose in which people liked it, it is likely that some people will want to opt-out.

 You should, therefore, ensure that the content that you post is related to your niche and maintain consistency. 

2. If the things you are posting are not factual

You must ensure that the content you post is accurate and avoid posting things that are untrue or half-true to suit your interests. Also, ensure that your content is  fresh and up to date. If your fans have nothing to look forward to on your page, they may decide to unlike it.

3. When you post too often

If your content keeps popping up on people’s timeline after every few minutes, they may find you annoying. It is therefore important to ensure that you post at reasonable intervals such as once or twice a day.

4. If your page is dormant

If you hardly post anything on your page, then you are as good as not having it. An inactive page cannot attract new likes and followers. Also, if there is no engagement on a page, some of your audience may decide to unlike or unfollow it.

How to Boost Your Following

First, you have to make sure that your content adds value. Apart from posting memes and other funny content, make sure you post helpful tips too. This will help you retain your current followers and entice more people to like your page. You can also consider this source to boost your followers.

 Also, understand your audience well and post what speaks to their hearts. For example, if you are targeting the youth, memes, and viral content will come in handy.

Facebook has become an important marketing tool for businesses. Every brand will find their target market on this platform irrespective of the type of audience they are targeting.  You should, therefore, make good use of it to get the best results.

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