5 Best Sennheiser headphones for Gaming in 2020

Today on the blog we’re going to be talking about some of the best Sennheiser headphones for gaming to buy in 2020 that will surely add value to your gaming experience because a bad set of headphones can literally ruin a game.

If you’re a serious gamer and an audiophile then you’d want to stick around and keep on reading about these high quality headphones that’ll be worth your money.

Sennheiser doesn’t play around when it comes to delivering some of the best headphones for gaming and while it is a German brand they have gained popularity outside of Europe as well, and for good reasons.

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Now here is our list of 5 of the best Sennheiser headphones for gaming:

  1. Sennheiser Game One

First on the list we have the Sennheiser Game one – which as you can tell from the name and the design of the headphones – has been made while keeping the needs and wants of gamers in mind.

We should warn you beforehand it is pricy for a pair of headphones but if you’re a true, hardcore gamer then it’ll be worth the money because the sound quality is phenomenal and that fixed mic makes it easier to communicate with fellow online players as well.

When it comes to the design, the black headphone is accented with red lines and padding which is gives it a sleek look. The mic boom is fixed and cannot be removed which doesn’t make it portable if you’re on the go or want to use it for other activities.

The overall build is made of plastic and if you think that makes them look cheap well you’re sort of wrong as the earcups and padding are made of high-quality material and overall it is a sturdy pair that’ll last you a long time.

They are comfortable to wear, but don’t provide Bluetooth connectivity.

Now for the main part: the sound quality.

As these are open ear headphones you’ll find no sound isolation, which means that there will be sound leakage, so you will have to keep them on a reasonable volume if you’re playing through the night at home and don’t want to wake up any of your house mates.

Similarly, the background noises do filter in. The sonic profile is pretty clear across all ranges of sound frequency and the bass is wonderfully accentuated in the higher range. The instruments and vocals are also differentiated pretty accurately for a balanced sound.

If you’re looking to stand out among your gamer buddies during a tournament with a pair of headphones that look stylish and accentuate the bass then this is the best headphone for gaming you’ll find, as it made solely for gaming but you can still use it for movies and music as well.

  • Sennheiser HD 300 Closed Back

If an open back headphone isn’t what you’re in the market for, then the Sennheiser HD 300 closed back headphone will let you focus on the game play without any background noises distracting you with minimum sound leakage that can disturb the people around you.

The headphones are foldable that is great for travelling. The finishing is plastic with an all matte black look. These aren’t a wireless pair which can be a bummer if they break, luckily though Sennheiser provides a two year international warranty.

Coming to the sound quality, the headphone delivers a neutral, crisp, and distinctive sound on all the frequencies: low, mid and high. The bass is more subdued while instrumental tunes are more pronounced which is great if you’re into more indie/folk music.

It also comes without mic or Bluetooth connectivity; however for the price they’re sold at, they are quite a steal if you’re looking for a budget friendly headphone for gaming.

3.      Sennheiser HD280 Pro

The Sennheiser HD280 Pro is more of a professional sounding pair of headphones that you can get if you’re serious about your game play experience.

As a Closed Back headphone it is the best Sennheiser headphone for gaming because the sound isolation and noise cancellation will immediately transport you into the world of your video game.

The revised version of the HD280 pro focuses entirely on comfort, sound quality, and performing well. The bass is perfect; not too aggressive nor too bland. It also delivers clarity and precise sonic profile on the three different frequencies; so it has full marks when it comes to sound.

The sound isolation is amazing and you won’t hear anything going on in your home shared by other noisy people. If you like to play for longer hours, the headphones sit comfortably on your ears without causing listening fatigue or discomfort.

In fact, the revised version has an even more comfortable headband, and the ear-cups support extra padding that doesn’t feel tight on you. However if you’re looking for a stylish version that’ll make you stand out then these don’t live up to that mark.

Sennheiser has created a headphone that is extremely comfort and sounds phenomenal, however when it comes to how it looks it is clear that not a ton of attention has been made which maybe one of the ways through which they’ve kept the cost for this one low as well.

Either way, it is an awesome headphone for gaming.

4.      Sennheiser PXC 550-II

I don’t know about you but wired headphones can be a bit limiting, especially if you’re playing an intense game of FIFA football with your friends – the pressure is intense.

Naturally, wireless headphones are a life saver, and so far in our list of the best Sennheiser headphones for gaming we haven’t mentioned a wireless option that will deliver great sound while letting you be mobile as you play.

The Sennheiser PXC isn’t messing around when it comes to design and giving some of the best features that can be found in noise-cancelling headphones that are leading the market.

With built-in Amazon Alexa support, top of the line noise cancellation, and a design featuring a matte finishing along with leatherette accents along the headband, this one is a classy pair.

The ear-cups have an in built Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity button, along with the Active noise cancellation(ANC) setting and different user mode. It also includes Adaptive mode which like the name suggest adapts according to the sounds going in the background.

Similarly, there is an anti-wind setting that is extremely useful if you’re out on a windy day as it cancels out the noise perfectly.

There is a micro USB port for charging, and the battery lasts for up to 30 hours with the ANC turned off, whereas it gives you roughly 20 hours of listening time with ANC turned on.

Either way, this is one of those pricier headphones that are perfect to take if you’re travelling and then putting them on for a gaming session. They’re versatile, noise cancelling and with so many features packed in one; they aren’t cheap.

If you’re looking to make an investment that will last you a long time while being diverse enough to be used in different settings, then this is the best headphone you’ll find for gaming.

5.      Sennheiser GSP 670 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

Another headphone specifically designed for gaming by Sennheiser is the GSP 670 which is wireless unlike the Game One we mentioned above.

Yes, we know they don’t look like the most beautiful pair of headphones out there, but we’re talking about the best Sennheiser headphones for gaming and this one had to be mentioned.

This is one of the latest gaming headsets that Sennheiser has released with the aim of making it true wireless and taking the lead with the best sounding headphone out there.

However, we should warn you before hand, it is pretty expensive and that may be the only flaw this one has. It has a simple design with no flashy lights or other gimmicks installed to make it look edgy.

The ear-cups are heavily padded for immense comfort and feature leatherette pads for a more sophisticated finish. They also have an in built noise cancelling mic that is extremely precise with its noise cancelling, whereas the volume controls and power buttons are conveniently placed on either ear cups.

By weighing 398 grams they don’t feel heavy and the adjustable headband allows it to fit smoothly over your head. It has a micro-USB port and gives you 20 hours of listening time according to Sennheiser.

Now, let’s come to the sound quality. You won’t find a more balanced headset on all three frequencies than this one. Even on the low end, it has distinct sound for every instrument, pitch and vocals.

You may be in for a surprise by how clearly you will be able to hear different sounds in your game play; from the chirps of a crow, the steps of an enemy, or the hiss of a machine, everything is pronounced and clearly delivered.

This headset is perfect for gamers who are tired of getting tangled with wires during heated matches while playing video games online, and care for audio quality. Overall, this is the best headphone for gaming with the only downside that it doesn’t come cheap.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of 5 best Sennheiser headphones for gaming where we carefully formed a list keeping different factors in mind that might be important for gamers including price, comfort, sound quality, and mic precision.

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Keep playing.