5 Little Known Facts About the Classic Diamond Ring

The classic diamond ring remains one of the most emblematic presents a fiancée can offer to his future bride. People who insist on retaining the diamond ring’s tradition believe that it’s serenity and nobility can give the wedding a lasting scent. 

However, only a small part of the population knows many diamond rings’ details that couldn’t be more true. In this short article, you will find precious information about classic diamond rings that nobody bothered to reveal to you in the past.

1 Round Cuts Diamonds Are More Popular

During the 20th-century, jewel designers tried many diamond cuts to meet the uprising demand. The round cut has indeed been the one with the most fans across the world. People who want to get engaged always look at the beautiful round diamonds. The classic diamond rings have at least 56 edges giving the sense of a very precious and unique gift that will last for a lifetime. The eternal value of diamonds is the one that made people believe that their marriage will last forever.

2 The Diamond Ring Tradition Comes From the Middle Ages

The king of the Holy Roman Empire Francis decided to give a diamond ring to his fiancee, the Princess of Savoie. That happened during the Middle Ages in Europe, and the habit of giving diamond rings when you propose a wedding lasts until our days. People in medieval Europe didn’t have easy access to diamonds, which were scarce and only available to traders from China and Africa.

3 Diamond Rings Cost At Least 3 Months Wages

There is a thrill dictating that your marriage will last forever only if your diamond ring costs three times your monthly wage. That was an urban legend for grooms who had to spend a substantial part of their income to impress the bride. In reality, most grooms pay less than half of a monthly wage to buy a diamond ring for their beloved ones. It was a legend kept by the jewel designers to attract even more money and appreciate diamonds more.

4 A Classic Diamond Ring Matches Better With Platinum

Even though classic diamond rings are made with yellow gold, modern designers insist on matching diamonds with platinum or white gold. The color antithesis between the diamonds and the yellow gold made it challenging for the precious stones to outperform and show their real value. In contrast, when diamonds are mixed with platinum and white gold, which have a neutral color, they tend to be more spectacular and bright.

5 Expensive Diamond Rings Never Get Polished

People who deal with diamonds to make a living know that modern polish procedures can wipe away more than 50% of the diamond mass. No matter how gently you treat them, all polish methods could harm diamonds and make them look sturdy and blurry. All jewel designers prefer to clean diamonds with a leather towel and leave them to shine with their inherent beauty.


Everyone likes diamonds and would like to have one classic diamond ring. Women expect that gift not only when they are proposed for marriage but on any stunning occasion of their life. To be precise, most men have nightmares when buying diamond rings since they believe they will pay more than their real value. For that reason, it would be sensible to buy only certified diamond rings from reputable manufacturers. 

That is the only way to save a diamond ring’s value and make it look new even after several years since the first cut. You need to be always alerted about gems and stones that look like diamonds but are not. Diamonds are women’s best friends and can last forever, making them happy!

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