5 of the Best Travel Destinations to Photograph

Whether you are a professional photographer, just starting out or simply just an enthusiast with a camera, travel photography is one of the most exciting and interesting fields of photography to get involved in. After all, it encourages you to visit some of the world’s most scenic, beautiful and unique locations in order to obtain some truly stunning images for your enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of others.

For some incredible inspiration when it comes to travel photography, it’s worth checking out photo sharing platforms to see other aspiring photographers’’ work from around the world. 

With that being said, here are just 5 of the best travel destinations for travel photographers and enthusiasts to travel to, in order to take some mesmerising and amazing photographs.

1. Canada

Canada is home to a vast and diverse landscape, with mountain ranges, cities and rural areas to take your pick. This is why it’s the first place recommended on this list for anyone who is an avid travel photographer. Travel to any part of Canada and spend some time shooting the great outdoors, whether you go in summer or winter, and you won’t be disappointed.

The best places to shoot in this part of the world are undoubtedly the lakes. From Lake Louise to Moraine Lake, you will be able to capture the picturesque, turquoise glacial waters, with the mountains in the background and the heaps of wildlife. A place of sheer beauty!

2. Tasmania, Australia

If you are looking to take some truly wild shots, Tasmania is one of the top places that comes highly recommended. There are so many different places that you can capture here. To take some aerial photography, why not hike up the mountains close to Wineglass Bay. Similarly, the Bay of Fires conservation area is also incredible, with the crystal waters and the orange granite rocks. This is truly a one of a kind location. Plus, we cannot forget about the white sandy beaches here either!

3. Sri Lanka

Another destination that is an amazing place to visit if you love travel photography is Sri Lanka. In particular, the tea plantations here will blow your mind. The stunning views in Ella look over a big gap in the southern mountain wall, which allows for the most incredible images. You can also travel through the countryside in Sri Lanka to take photos of the sliding hills that are filled to the brim with verdant forests and tea plantations. The next thing you need to do is book a Sri Lanka tour that allows you to see as much of it as possible, grab your camera, and buy plane ticket.

4. Jordan

Home to Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world, Jordan is another majestic and incredible location that we recommend for people who love photography. You can expect beautiful canyons that are carved into an ancient temple at Petra, making this an amazing sight to behold. However, do not be mistaken into thinking that this is all that Jordan has to offer. There is so much more of you take the time to explore the area.

5. Guatemala

The final place that we recommend is Guatemala. If you are someone who likes to fill their photographs with vibrant colours, Guatemala is going to be paradise. The destination is a true dream, with epic jungles and hikes. You will also find the most breath-taking lakes, active volcanos, Mayan ruins, and much more. This is definitely a hidden gem that has a lot more to offer than a lot of tourists realise. 

We hope that you have enjoyed our top five picks when it comes to destinations for travel photographers. Now, perhaps you have some inspiration for your next trip.

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