5 Panel Hats VS 6 Panel Hats (Know the Difference)

Baseball caps have been a thing for a long time, and they are not leaving the fashion scene any time soon. If they have a front brim and several panels, then it’s a ball cap. There are different types of ball caps, depending on the construction, how you wear them, and the design. 

5 -panel hats and 6- panel hats are stylish baseball hats that have been taking the fashion scene by storm. There are a lot of people that would die for a 5-panel hats while the others will swear by a 6- panel hat. So what’s the difference between the two? In this article, I have compared the 5-panel hat and the 6-panel hat. If you are a fan of ball caps but cannot seem to get the difference between these two caps, keep reading. Read on to the last full stop to understand the difference between these two caps.

Differences between 5-panel hats and 6-panel hats

First things first, when we talk about ‘panel,’ we are talking about the crown of the hat. These caps will serve the same purpose. They will complement your style, protect you from sun rays, and make you look fashionable. Be keen, though; the personality, style, and trends that they set are entirely different. This is why you need to know the difference between the two hats. 

These hats are made for one size to fit everybody. For this reason, they come with an adjustable strap to fit different sizes. The straps may be of different designs, but they serve the same purpose of allowing you to adjust to fit your head. 

5-panel hats

Any fashion-conscious person would tell you that 5-panel hats are quickly taking up the fashion scene. A lot of brands have joined the train in manufacturing these hats. These are a must-have for any fashion lover. These hats are made for comfort. They have a shallow crown. These hats can be made of suede, canvas, or ripstop nylon. 5-panel hats are sometimes called dad hats.

6-panel hat

6-panel hats are made of six triangular panels joined together to form the crown of the hat. This design results in a seam cutting across the middle front area of the cap. 6 panel-hats are sometimes called snapbacks. 

A face-off between a 5-Panel hat and six panel hat

1. The brim

The brim of a 6-panel is wide and flat. That of a 5-panel hat is curved and pre-shaped by the manufacturer. Due to the wide brim, a 6-panel cap will cover most of your forehead. The brim of the 5-panel hat is low-key and subtle. 

2. The front panel and the angle

The front of a 6-panel hat is sturdy and flat-shaped. It makes almost a 90 degrees angle with the brim. The front panel of the 5-panel hat angles backward, forming an obtuse angle with the brim of the cap. 

3. Wearability and trend

5-panel hats are vintage designs that are quickly making a strong comeback. The never-ending pattern, also called a dad hat, brings out a classic and trendy look. 6-panel hats came into popularity due to the hip-hop culture. They have been dominant in the baseball scene in the recent past. They later have dominated the EDM scene. 6-panel hats are showy. They often have bold prints and logos on the front of their crowns. 5-panel hats are a stylish way to stay low-key. They do not draw a lot of attention like 6-panel hats. 

4. The closure

These two types of caps have adjustable closures. The 6-panel hats have plastic closures. The plastic closures are made of buttons of protrusions to fit in small holes. 5-panel hats have a metallic buckle fitted on the fabric. You can adjust the clasp to fit your head perfectly.

5. The crown

The crowns of the 5-panel hats are usually shallow. This makes these hats characteristically smaller than 6-panel hats, which have more rounded heads. Note that 5-panel have fewer panels than 6-panels hat. Due to the lesser panels, 5-panels will appears smaller than 6-panels. Due to the large top and brim, 6-panel hats will be more of ‘in your face cap.’ Covering more of your face will draw more attention to your style. 


There is usually a lot of confusion between a 5-panel hat and a 6-panel hat. We are sure that this article clears any confusion you may have had concerning these two caps. If you have been having a difficult time knowing what your favorite cap is, then the face-off above will surely sort you out. If you are bold and showy, a 6-panel hat is your to-go option. If you love keeping up with the trends but still remaining low-key, a 5-panel hat is your ideal option.