5 Points to keep in mind while selecting a solar panel supplier

Shifting to solar energy resources is a smart move. Especially if you live in areas like Gold Coast, which receives abundant sunlight for 2800 hours annually, you can use this freely available energy resource and drastically cut down your electricity bills. 

However, a solar panel is a long-term investment, and hiring the wrong supplier will turn into a costly affair. 

So while buying solar panels in Gold Coast for your home or commercial unit, you should contact the best solar company. If this is your first time moving to solar energy, refer to these 5 tips while choosing a solar panel company. 

How to select the right Solar Panel Supplier?

1. Experience of the supplier

The market is emerging with new brands of solar systems and suppliers every day. So check if the suppliers you want to hire have experience in solar panel installation. Check their online customer ratings and, if possible, ask their past customers to verify their services and experience. 

Experienced suppliers will be able to guide you in selecting the best solar panels. They can assess your roof and property unit and suggest the best suitable solar system.

2. Warranty

Solar panels and batteries can work smoothly for long years without problems, but you should buy one with a warranty period assurance. Because you never know when your solar panels or any of their parts can stop functioning correctly. If you have a long-term warranty with the solar panel system, you can get it repaired or replaced if needed by the company.

Ask the solar panel suppliers for complete details about the warranty and what’s included and not included clearly. Sometimes, some suppliers may persuade you that most damages are covered in the warranty; only the manufacturing company can deny them later. Don’t fall victim to the promising words of the supplier without verifying the details by yourself.

3. Expertise

Since you are investing in solar panels, choose the suppliers who can provide your assured quality services. Services from inexperienced personnel can lead to improper solar panel installation and later cause problems in using the system.

The best way to know if you should rely on a company is to verify their expertise. You can do this by checking for a Clean Energy Council license from the installers. Accreditation from Clear Energy Council will ensure that the recognized person is eligible to design, supply, and install solar panels, batteries, and other renewable energy sources. Even when the team comes to install the solar panel, you can ask for the license ID cards in digital format. While checking ID cards, look for the installer’s photo ID, accreditation number, type of accreditation they hold, expiry date, etc.

4. Price

Since many companies sell solar panels in Gold Coast, pricing becomes a major comparison factor. However, it would help if you were careful in selecting and buying from the company offering the best products at the best price. 

The best price doesn’t mean the lowest price, just that you are getting something worth that money. Some installers may provide you with additional discounts, which will entice you to buy from them but focus on the quality of the product. Is the quality of the solar panel worth the money you are paying?

Also, whenever you look for a price range, ask the solar energy suppliers to provide quotations, including the installation and connection costs, service charges, and maintenance costs. 

A good supplier will tell you the amount of electricity produced and the expected savings. Choose a product that will help you save in the future over saving money during the purchase.

5. Reliable

As you are making solar energy a significant part of your lifestyle, you will be dependent on its proper functioning. Any technical problem or damage in the solar system can put your daily activities and appliances on hold. So it would be best if you had a reliable solar panel supplier who could tend to your problem quickly. 

So hiring a solar panel supplier in your area or city who can provide quick maintenance services is the best choice. It is better to buy from a supplier who will not forget you after making money from the deal but constantly supports you whenever you need assistance.

Ready to Find the Solar Panel Supplier?

Hiring a solar panel installer is a big decision, and since there are many suppliers out there, selecting one can be intimidating. By following the above 5 points, you can find the best solar energy partner. Doing the research in the beginning and selecting the best supplier will help you avoid problems later, and you will have a smooth experience using the solar panels.

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