5 Reasons to Start Your Own Trucking Company

Starting your own trucking company can be gratifying for many reasons. As the economy keeps growing, the need for trucking business is also growing. That is why the need more trucks to move freights in the flourishing economy. FMCSA registration is essential for your trucking company.

Having your own trucking business is a guarantee for making a decent amount of money. Every time you load your truck, you can see the instant money generated. The moment you get your truck loaded, you get paid and you don’t have to wait for your payment for entire month as it happens in doing 9 to 5 jobs. Having your own trucking company makes a lot of sense. There are tons of reasons which are sufficient to convince you to start your own trucking company. Few of the top reasons are listed here.

Starting a trucking company requires minimum costs and resources

If you are thinking to start a trucking company today, you need minimum cost and resources. This is the cost of your filing and paperwork. Another major requirement is that you would have to apply for DOT and Federal MC numbers to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA.  After applying FMCSA, you have to apply for your UCR filing and an IFTA account to be able to move your freight in multiple states. You can choose any reliable company for all the filing work to avoid any mistakes. You can get authority with 21 days of your filing for trucking company. After filing and fulfilling the basic pre-requisites, the entire process may take 30 days. There are many reliable bodies like  FMCSA will include you in the New Trucking Entrant Program for the first year and you will learn about the safety audit.

Starting your company make you money

As soon as you get a load to carry from one place to another, your income is generated.  Each truck load worth depends on type of trailer your truck is pulling and you get paid by the mile you travel. There are several types of trailers available while looking at different freight carry needs. It is very important to work with the freight broker. They will assist you with getting your freight dispatched and they will help you in finding consist freight. The freight brokers work with thousands of shipment agencies. After working with freight brokers will give you a confidence of handling shipments on daily basis.

Once you get your hands on practice, within few months having your own federal authority, the shippers will show confidence in giving you shipment orders and this is your time to grow your business and earn money. It is always good to take help of a freight broker in the beginning to discuss the freight your truck will be loading.

Working from home is a great opportunity

You don’t need to have a large facility at home. Most of the people who start their own trucking, company do it from their home. Your truck is busy moving loads on the road and you sit at home and busy earning money.  You can monitor your truck’s activity by being home by utilizing your GPRS location software. Trucking business allows you to work from home and enables you to dispatch the shipments on daily basis with full truck loads. You can even take help from your freight broker for supply of shipments in the first year. Once you have made your own credibility, you are on the go and then sky is the limit.

You don’t need to have a big facility for running a trucking business

If you have trucking company and do not have your own truck, all you need to have at home is a home office for monitoring and dispatching the shipments of your trucking business. A basic computer with load board solutions, Transportation Management Software) is good enough to manage your trucking business like a pro. Your driver would take care of the deliveries the freight loads and would send you documents within his cab electronically. You being at home would upload the documents and send them to your freight broker to get paid. The accounting and reporting could be done on daily basis with the help of TMS by being home. You can even generate weekly reports to monitor your making your business move forward.