5 Reasons Why Football is Better than Tennis

1. The Unpredictability of Football

Football is a fairly unpredictable game. In fact, this is one of the major reasons behind football’s popularity.. On the other hand, in tennis, the outlook of the game is quite predictable, and not very intriguing as there are not many tactics involved. Well, there is some excitement, but nothing compared to the one you can see on a football field.

2. The Importance of team and teamwork

In tennis, all the pressure is on the shoulders of a single person. And if something goes wrong or the performance doesn’t turn out to be good enough, there is no-one to blame but yourself. Meanwhile, in a football match, there is a lot of teamwork involved. You have a beautiful level of coordination,collaboration and a connection with your teammates. Then there’s the guilt factor. Your individual performance has a direct impact on the performance of your teammates so If you make any mistakes, you have not only let yourself down but your teammates as well. This factor forces you to keep all the consequences of your actions in mind.

3. The Excitement and Intensity

When you watch a football match, you can rest assured that a lot can, and will, happen in just 90 minutes. The game is always intense, and as the team scores, and a lot of points are gained during the game, no one has the remotest idea of who will win the game in the end and who will make a game-changing goal. On the other hand, In tennis, a lot of time can go without seeing any real action except a lot of running around, which can be a little bit frustrating. And then comes the ultimate excitement of watching the legends play, even if you are living under a rock, you must have heard of Messi and Ronaldo. Whereas, even many sports fans don’t even know the names of any famous tennis players,do we? In other words, the intensity and the richness of a football match cannot be compared to tennis in any way.

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4. The Passion for Football

The beauty of football is that, this game, through it’s immense fanhood, brings communities together,and removes distances. Once you get into football, It will become a part of your life. Nothing can be compared to being immersed in a football match. Watching your favorite team playis an amazing feeling, and then if your team wins, that is a whole other kind of ecstasy. Football fans are crazy dedicated and loyal even when their team isn’t winning. However, I don’t see this much enthusiasm in tennis or any other individual sport.

5. Football isn’t demanding

Tennis is a more physically demanding game. Being an individual sport, The tennis player needs to single-handedly keep things on track as his tiredness, fatigue and mistakes would directly impact the result of the game. Football, on the other hand, is a more collective sport where the players complement each other. Football games have a maximum playing time of 120 minutes, and on the other hand, in tennis, there is mostly a standard time. Especially in grand tournaments, almost all matches exceed the 2 hour time barrier. Tennis also requires a lot of extreme physical training. However, both skills are hard to master, but despite this fact, we see that football has more genius and quality players than tennis or any other sport.