5 Resolutions to Start 2020 and Ensure You Are in Great Health All Year

The coming of a new year allows people to have a new beginning to correct the mistakes or omissions that they have committed. This could be concerning various aspects of life such as relationships, finances, and spirituality. Health and wellness are not an exception and you could decide to pursue a healthier lifestyle by eating healthily and working out regularly as well as getting adequate sleep, among other things.

Below are some health and fitness resolutions that you can make and allocate time regardless of your current lifestyle, and they will assist you on the pathway for better health the whole year:

Drinking lots of water

So, why should you abandon your soda and other fizzy drinks and consume more water in 2020? Well, water is essential for metabolism, which provides your body with the energy it needs to function properly. Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day will also enable you to have healthy and clearer skin. You will also manage to lose some pounds by drinking water. To actualize this resolution, start by bringing your bottle of water to work, the gym, and other places. You also need to opt for water when eating out instead of other drinks.

Consuming more fruit

Do you want some healthy snacks? Fruits are your perfect bet and it is easier to promise yourself that you will eat more fruits than that you will eat more vegetables. When a craving for sugar strikes, just get a handful of fruit and it will be gone. You need to stock your fridge with plenty of fruit and eat them as often as possible. You can even carry some to work or as you go out on a picnic. Dried fruits can also do the trick if you have no fridge or for other reasons.

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Doing more walking

Although it is often overlooked, walking is one of the best exercises and you only get to know this if you do more of it. You need to commit to walking more in 2020. It does not matter if you will be walking to the shopping mall instead of driving, walking around your neighbourhood, or during your lunch break at work. Just walk more and your body will thank you for it.

Getting adequate sleep

This year should be one of your less stressful years, and this can only be possible if you commit to sleeping for adequate hours each night. The benefits of good sleep include high energy levels, boosting immunity, and even healthy weight. Make arrangements to get to bed early, keep all electronics away, and have a comfortable and well-aerated bedroom.

Doing workouts regularly

You know the benefits of working out, but you have not been doing it. This is the year you need to commit to working out regularly. If you manage the recommended 30 minutes per day, that’s even better. However, if you cannot manage that, even a few minutes are better than none. You can go to the gym or hit the track jogging or do various exercises in your house. You could also get a trainer or workout buddy like a friend or a relative to motivate you and keep you accountable. Make sure that you work out three to four days a week and you will see the results with time.

There you have a few health and fitness related resolutions to ensure that you are on track to better health in 2020 and beyond. You may also resolve to try that fitness class you have always yearned to join, for instance a Zumba class, a yoga class, and so on. Whatever resolutions you make pertaining your fitness, stick to them.

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