5 Things You Need to Know about Preformed Armor Rods

5 Things You Need to Know about Preformed Armor Rods

In this industrialized world, we can’t imagine our lives without electricity and communication. These two essential important elements have become as much important as food and water are for our survival. For every city, transmission lines need to be installed correctly. In their lifetime, they are subjected to different types of loads and stresses, such as bending, compression, abrasion, flashover, etc. So there should be protected against all these stresses. One such tool that is used to protect transmission cable is the preformed armor rod. This article will discuss everything about preformed armor rods, their applications, and the benefits they yield. 

What is a preformed armor rod? 

The armor rod is also termed rod armor. Preformed armor rods are electric accessories whose function is to protect cables against compression, bending, abrasion, and flashover. Moreover, they are also used to repair damaged aluminum-based conductors, and they restore their mechanical strength.

Preformed Armor rods’ usage and characteristics

Preformed armor rods are essential elements in distribution and transmission lines. They are used for different conductor materials, such as aluminum conductor, steel-reinforced, all-aluminum alloy conductor (AAAC), and aluminum-clad steel conductor. The preformed armor rods made up of aluminum alloy are used on the phase conductor, while on the other hand, preformed armor rods made up of steel are mainly used for the overhead ground wire. 

The raw material in the manufacturing of Preformed armor rods is usually similar to the conductor surface material, which would eliminate the risk of corrosion between the two materials. The strength of the preformed armor rod is not less than 95% of the strength of the conductor. Different color codes come with each type of Preformed armor rod for their identification. Preformed armor rods are shaped in such a way as to make the grip between conductor and ground wire the strongest. 

Industry application of Preformed armor rods and their applications

The pole line hardware of the preformed armor rod is a handy tool in transmission line fixtures. They are primarily used in telecommunication, construction, and electrical projects. Following are the main functions of preformed armor rods:

  1. To protect the cable against bending, abrasion, flashover, and compression
  2. To repair a damaged aluminum-based conductor
  3. To restore the mechanical strength of a conductor or cable
  4. To restore or improve the conductivity of a conductor

Preformed armor rods are used with all types of cables, such as ACSR, OPGW, AAAC, ADSS, etc.

How to find the best-preformed armor rods?

Finding the best preformed armor rods can be one hell of a task, especially when you are an amateur in the business. Buying the best armor rods can yield multiple benefits. They can help to improve the life span and productivity of the electricity transmission network. Doing business with the best dealer is half the job done. The market is saturated, but we will simplify the search for you. You are in the right place. That’s right. Henvcon is the most trusted dealer of electric accessories. 

Henvcon preformed armor rods and their advantages

Henvcon manufactures the highest quality of preformed armor rods. You can expect the following benefits from our preformed armor rods: 


Our preformed armor rods offer the highest level of corrosion resistance; we can guarantee their superior performance for a more extended period. 

2.Easy to install

This is probably the most outstanding advantage of armor rods, as most people are usually worried about their installation. They are straightforward to install, and they can be easily installed by an inexperienced person with the help of simple tools.  

3.Reduce abrasion

The primary purpose of preformed armor rods is to protect against abrasion, compression, bending, or any other type of loading. The double layer of the preformed armor rod serves its purpose well. 

4.High strength 

The strength of the preformed armor rods is usually not less than 95% of the strength of the main conductor, which is sufficient. 


Henvcon is the pioneer in the production of preformed cable fittings. They have been in the business for many years. The benefits that their products offer are well-proven. With their successful history, they are the number one dealer of preformed armor rods. Contact them today and enjoy their services.