5 Ways to Improve Your Focus

Your ability to concentrate and achieve high levels of productivity can be affected by a number of factors – whether it’s stress, a busy lifestyle or just the fact that the task in hand doesn’t interest you. In this article, we’ll explore the ways in which you can improve your focus in all aspects of your life.

Remove Distractions

You might not know it, but your environment could be preventing you from doing your best work. Even something as simple as the music you listen to can cause a distraction. For example, if your work involves a lot of writing or mathematical calculations, music with lyrics – especially very wordy tracks – can steal your attention and leave you struggling to concentrate. Why not opt for relaxing instrumental music instead? This can help to improve your flow. 

A person’s attention can be diverted by a variety of different things from busy wallpaper to sun glare to the presence of a pet in the room. Your surroundings need to be relaxing and simple, making it easier to focus on the task in hand. You should also try to resolve anything that’s bugging you before settling down to work. Whether it’s cleaning your desk or paying a bill, these tasks can hang over you and become frustrating if left for later. 

Use Supplements and Approved Medications

Concentration is often affected by the levels of vitamins and minerals we have in our system. Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils, carotenoids and vitamin E are just some of the dietary additions you can make to improve your brain health and sharpness. Medical marijuana is also known to improve concentration. CBD helps to relax the mind and raise dopamine levels, which aids focus. There are now 33 states that permit the use of medical marijuana. current us adult population To get access to it in Oklahoma for example, you can apply for a medical marijuana card online. You’ll need to talk to a licensed Oklahoma physician and fill in a little paperwork to do this.

Make it Enjoyable

Set yourself challenges and reward yourself for successes instead of beating yourself up for failures. That way, you can train yourself to see work as something positive instead of something to be dreaded. You could even invent little games that involve elements of your work or set breaktime activities to look forward to if you reach a certain goal by a certain time.

Train Your Mind

There are plenty of apps available to help improve brain performance, agility and concentration. From games and puzzles to meditation aids and memory training, you can blow away the cobwebs and refresh your mind with very little effort.

Find the Root of the Problem

Sometimes, the reasons behind focus problems are more complex than they appear. Concentration issues can be a sign of depression, anxiety, stress or a variety of other mental health problems that may require intervention from a doctor or therapist to alleviate. There’s no shame whatsoever in going down this route. It’s often the most effective means of making huge improvements in your life and feeling capable and fulfilled once more. Be sure not to overlook the option of therapy when trying to improve your focus.