6 Incredible Tips to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Everyone must start practicing good oral hygiene as soon as the teeth emerge, as it can prevent most complications that develop in the future. But since children cannot be responsible when the teeth appear, it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure their toddler’s teeth remain healthy. Pediatric dentists such as Dr. Harleen Grewal in Santa Clarita can help you understand how you can take care of your child’s teeth to improve their oral health and overall well-being. Additionally, here are several tips to help you care and protect your toddler’s teeth.

Consider Children’s Brushes and Kinds of Toothpaste

Not all toothbrushes and toothpaste are age-appropriate. The toothbrushes are readily available and indicated on the product’s labels, but you can still consult your pediatric dentistry for the same. Also, ask your provider about the right toothpaste for your child before you buy a family toothpaste for all. Again, look for a childly designed toothbrush and consider your child’s color, favorite cartoon character, or other fun design that can motivate them to brush.

 Assist Your Child to Brush

If your child is beginning to learn how to brush, you need to help them get it right. While children should brush their teeth at around 3-6 years, your support and help will enable them to master the skills required. Also, please help your child floss the teeth as you teach them how to go about it. Sometimes you can let them do it as you inspect and direct them accordingly. Generally, understand that your kids will master brushing faster than flossing, and you might have to floss their teeth longer.

Prevent Thumb Sucking and Pacifiers After Three Years

While thumb sucking or the use of pacifiers is not harmful. Ensure that your child stops this after the age of 3 as it can lead to tooth decay and bring a future need for braces if it continues past this age. Also, sippy cups may not be appropriate after three years, you can use them carefully and fill them with water other than sugary drinks to minimize the risks for tooth decay.  

Schedule Regular Dental Visits for Your Child

When your baby’s first tooth grows, they are due to have their first checkup with the dentist. However, understand that your child’s dental needs are unique, and it will be necessary to look for a medical expert specializing in pediatric dentistry. Discuss with your doctor to come up with the appropriate exam routine for your children. Generally, it is essential to take your child for a dental exam every six months to make the visits more impactful to their oral health. Remember that prevention is inexpensive to treat, and these visits can detect some complications early before they advance.

Reinforce the Benefits of Dental Care in Your Child

It is good to help your child understand the importance of taking care of their teeth from an early age as soon as they can understand it. Understand the ways your child responds to and invest in them to pass the knowledge. Make the oral health care habits as fun as possible to help your child keep up with hygiene. Generally, be strict about the practices and make your child brush and floss.

Seeking pediatric dentistry as early as possible for your child is the initial step towards safeguarding your child’s teeth. Therefore, reach out to Dr. Grewal at Skyline Smiles and learn how to protect your child’s teeth.