6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Accident Attorney Near You

If you or a family member has suffered an accident, everything that follows as a result can come quickly and be overwhelming, especially at first. What about medical care? Who do I call first? Should I trust the insurance companies? 

There are so many questions that pop up instantly, adding more anxiety to an already stressful situation. While going online to search terms like “truck accident attorney near me” or “truck wreck attorney nearby” might bring up a list of legal experts in your area, it won’t provide you the critical information you need about each one to make the right decisions. 

To help with that, here are six questions to pose to any prospective accident lawyer you speak with:

Q #1: What is your area of expertise? 

When it comes to personal injury law, which is what automotive accidents and therefore, big truck accidents fall under, there are many different areas of practice. While some law firms deal with multiple different types of personal injury (slip and fall, medical malpractice, product liability, etc.), others deal with only auto accidents. 

Q #2: How do you approach your client’s cases?

Every situation is unique and the details and circumstances are always different. But the way a legal expert handles those cases is oftentimes very similar. Ask about their preferred methods for resolving the issue; including negotiating, investigating and researching, mediation, and even litigation, if necessary. 

Q #3: Have you dealt with many cases like mine? 

Even though every case is unique, the types of cases can be similar, as can the fundamental basics of the case. Folks who are looking on the internet for a truck accident attorney “near me” are usually trying to find lawyers who have dealt with this specific legal process before.

Q #4: How do you get paid your fees?

It’s important to ask this one early because if their method of payment isn’t suitable for you, nothing else matters. Although some attorneys charge an upfront flat fee or hourly rate, many simply charge a percentage of your settlement and don’t get paid unless you win.

Q #5: Can you share case results or references?

This allows you an opportunity to verify the history and results of the attorney/firm. While there are confidentiality factors to be considered, there are ways for potential clients to look over redacted documents.

Q #6: What is the communication process like?

If you prefer in-person meetings or phone briefings, some attorneys may not be able to accommodate you. Additionally, in some cases, you may not even be dealing directly with them but rather one of the assistants on your case.

What Else You’ll Get When Searching “Truck Accident Attorney Near Me” Online

In addition to the endless list of legal practitioners in your area who handle cases like yours, you will also receive numerous targeted ads, emails, and even snail mail from attorneys once you start searching and sending inquiries for this type of service. It’s just the way the internet and marketing in general work these days. 

You mustn’t fall for clever advertisements or flowery words on mailers. Make sure that no matter how impressive the pitch is on their part, you always ask these questions, as well as any others you might find relevant.