6 Tips To Quickly Sell Unwanted Property

One of the reasons some homeowners sell their houses is because they just simply don’t like the property anymore. Maybe the house turned out to be too big, too small, too far from the city, or the overall look of the property turned out to be something they didn’t want. 

And so, the best option to deal with this unwanted property is to sell it. Selling a house is already stressful in itself, but if you’re under a limited time, the process can even be more overwhelming. 

There are also various reasons why some people want to sell their homes as soon as possible. It could be that they’re moving immediately for a new job, keeping up with a personal matter, or they need the money right away for financial reasons. Thankfully, there are some tips and tactics you can do that will help boost your property’s marketability and reduce its time on the market. 

Here are six tips you can try to quickly sell your unwanted property.  

  1. Pick A Selling Strategy 

For starters, you need to decide how you’d like to list your property. You can either sell the property with your own efforts, hire a real estate agent, sell it to professional home buyers like We Buy Houses, or sell it at an auction.  

  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO): The advantage of this choice is that you don’t need to pay commission to anyone. However, be prepared to face your potential buyers, negotiate like a pro, and juggle the contract and paperwork. Preferably, this option is only smart if you’re genuinely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of selling a property.  
  • Real Estate Agent: With a real estate agent, you leave all the work in their hands. All you need to do is pay them 3% of the commission once the property is sold. 
  • Professional Home Buyers: They are not agents, but they are companies who buy houses from sellers like you. Then, they repair the house before reselling it into the market. Since their goal is to ‘buy houses,’ you don’t have to work much on beautifying your property so that they’d buy. As long as you pass their buying criteria, your property is good to go.  
  • Sell At An Auction: Listing your property at an auction can also help you quickly sell your home. However, expect to sell it at a lower price.  
  1. Clean And Declutter 

After deciding how to sell your home, it’s time to boost your house’s interior appeal. The more appealing your interiors, the more buyers you’ll potentially have. Start by decluttering and removing anything unsightly and unwanted from your home. 

You can also get a storage unit to have a space to pack those belongings that make your home look small and crowded. Most buyers like to see a clutter-free house as it gives them better visuals on how they’d decorate it once they decide to buy it.  

Furthermore, make sure to put away any personal belongings like your religious items, keepsakes, and family photos. These items distract the buyers and could hinder them from picturing themselves living in your property. Overall, make sure to declutter and deep clean your home. If you’re really short on time, you can hire professional cleaners instead.  

  1. Price Your Home Competitively 

Since you want to speed up your selling process, make sure to avoid overpricing your property. Doing this will only drive more buyers away. When pricing your property, consider setting it a little lower than the other homes in your area that are also for sale. 

Ideally, you can also price your home according to the expected price of most home buyers. For example, if they’re looking for a property that fits their USD$500,000 budget, price your property around USD$480,000 to USD$499,999. This way, your property listing will appear in their search results.  

  1. Do Quick Repairs 

Some home sellers renovate their homes to boost their marketability. But since you don’t have much time for renovations, you can take care of the primary and most important repairs instead. These may include: 

  • Loose tiles 
  • Leaky faucets 
  • Missing roof shingles 

Besides repairs, you can also do some minor upgrades like swapping out your outdated light fixtures, adding kitchen/bathroom cabinets, or applying new paint indoors.  

  1. Stage Your Property 

Even if you’re in a rush to sell your property, you can still have time to stage it and boost its curb appeal. Staging your property will help make a good first impression on your potential buyers. Some quick works you can do to increase your property’s curb appeal can be: 

  • Planting flowers 
  • Trimming shrubs 
  • Clearing the paths and walkways 
  • Removing spiderwebs from the front porch 
  • Replacing your old mailbox 

You can also hire a stager to improve your interior space and make it look neat and larger.  

  1. Hire A Trained Photographer 

While it’s an option to take pictures of your property on your own using your phone, doing this could jeopardize your chances of selling your house quickly. Even if you have an attractive property for sale, potential buyers won’t see it through low-quality photos. 

So, hire a professional photographer as they know the proper lighting and angles, making your property more marketable and appealing in the pictures. Once you get the images, make sure to list your property with a complete description of its best features.  


Now you got these tips to make the selling process of your property quicker and less stressful. While you may not have full control of the buyer’s decision on purchasing your property, you definitely have the control to make it more marketable and appealing. In this way, you get to sell your unwanted property and make a profit out of it.