7 Common Causes of Hair Loss and Solutions

Every man and woman experience hair loss, as it is a normal phenomenon. Although, if you are losing more than 100 hairs a day, it means you have excessive hair loss or baldness. The reports of hair loss in men and women are increasing at an alarming rate. Let’s look at what causes hair loss and how to solve it.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be a normal phenomenon, as every human is supposed to lose around 100 hairs a day. But, if it’s more than that, it might be that you are experiencing signs of significant hair loss or baldness. The reason behind excessive hair loss can be self-diagnosed easily.

1.     Telogen Effluvium

This is one of the most common causes of hair loss. When facing Telogen Effluvium, the hair will remain in the natural shedding phase of the hair growth cycle, causing hair to fall in excessive amounts.

Stress, an unexpected surgery, severe weight loss, childbirth could be the reason behind this condition. It is usually a temporary condition that gets fixed over time. But, if the hair loss doesn’t seem to stop, you should see a specialist immediately.

2.     Alopecia Areata

If you are continuously experiencing sudden hair loss, this disease might be the reason behind it. Hair from different body parts, including eyelashes and eyebrows, will start falling, making it easy for you to diagnose it.

This kind of hair loss can be dealt with efficiently through prescribed medication, so you are highly advised to take a doctor’s appointment should you face it.

3.     Different Medications and Treatments

Different treatment of diseases has side effects that can cause your hair to fall out. Chemotherapy is a prime example of this alongside the usage of blood thinners, antidepressants, beta-blockers, or cholesterol-lowering drugs.

To prevent this kind of hair loss, you must consult with your primary doctor first, and then with his or her permission, you can lower your dosage to control the hair fall.

4.     Deficiencies

Proteins and vitamins are essential in keeping your hair healthy. If you have a deficiency of iron, protein, vitamins, it could sometimes cause excessive hair loss.

In this case, a change of diet can do the trick. A protein and vitamin-rich diet can do wonders for this kind of hair loss.

5.     Trichotillomania

This kind of hair loss refers to hair loss caused by the frequent twisting and pulling of hair. Even tight hairstyles can cause hair to fall for some people. In cases such as this, we observe patients losing hair through the breaking of hair.

Compared to other kinds of hair loss diseases, this kind of hair loss is totally dependent on behavior. So, a conscious change in particular action can do wonders in this case.

6.     Androgenetic Alopecia

This is the most common form of hair loss in both men and women. It is entirely genetic, as it can usually be traced back to genetic inheritance.

In the case of men, this kind of hair loss can start any time after puberty, with hair loss starting from the temples or the crown of the head. Women, in this case, usually face hair thinning all over the head.

7.     Tinea Capitis

The term for fungal infection in medicine is called Tinea, so Tinea Capitis means fungal infection in the head. This kind of disease causes the scalp to degenerate, causing hair to break off.

This kind of hair loss is commonly found among people of color, primarily African-American or black folks. It can be caused by sharing hats, towels, combs among multiple people.

How Can You Solve Hair Loss?

Different types of hair loss require different treatments. Some people find it easier to control their surrounding environment and diet to control hair loss, and some would rather see a doctor. Although some special kind of hair loss would definitely require a specialist’s advice.

1.     Home Remedies

This could be your go-to preemptive measure against excessive hair loss. If you are concerned that you might start losing hair, you can use different methods to prevent hair loss easily at home.

2.     Prescribed Medication

Some patients would definitely require a doctor’s attention. For example, diseases like alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia need medication from a specialist doctor or dermatologist. They might prescribe either an oral or topical finasteride to combat hair loss. 

3.     Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy has become increasingly popular around the world in treating hair loss. Red Light Therapy causes stimulation in the hair skin and improves blood circulation. These kinds of lights can be bought online at an inexpensive rate.

4.     Change in Diet

If you have been on a low protein and vitamin diet, chances are that you are losing hair because of nutritional deficiency. It can be easily solved through a high protein and vitamin-rich diet.

5.     Hair Transplant

Hair transplant technology is improving to give you a more natural look through surgeries and grafting. Hair transplant sessions can cost you from $1000 to $20,000, depending on the number of grafted hairs.

6. Laser Hair Growth Devices

There are several laser hair growth devices available on the market that can reverse hair loss. You can buy LLLT helmets for hair growth. These devices emit laser light at a certain wavelength to stimulate the production of hair follicles. And the good news is that they actually work.


●        Long hair doesn’t necessarily put strain or pressure on your scalp resulting in hair loss.

●        Dying your hair doesn’t cause hair fall unless the product or bleach being used is of lower quality.

●        Regular shampooing doesn’t cause hair loss, what it really does is makes the hairs that were already gonna fall, fall more quickly.

To Summarize

Hair fall can be disheartening, but with the right treatment or preemptive measures, you can easily counter excessive hair fall. If conventional methods aren’t working for you, there are now other industries that can easily give you what you want. Red Light Therapy, hair transplant, or surgery being are just of the examples.