7 Reasons To Upgrade to a 30 Inch Vanity

A bathroom vanity is more than a cabinet to hold a sink. It’s the where homeowners wash their hands and face, style their hair, shave, apply makeup, and brush their teeth. Homeowners also store many things in a vanity, including personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies. A 30-inch bathroom vanity is a perfect size for large powder rooms or small bathrooms. It is small enough to fit tighter areas but big enough to make an impact. Bathroom vanities can be wall-mounted, built-in, or freestanding, and each gives its unique style. Keep reading for 7 reasons to upgrade to a 30-inch vanity.

1. More Storage

A 30-inch vanity may not be huge, but it can have significantly more storage than smaller vanities. Lack of storage space is the most common reason homeowners upgrade their vanity. Unique Vanities provide a great place to keep toiletries, hair tools, hair products, makeup, and toothbrushes. They can also hold towels and cleaning supplies. Many have several drawers to hold all of these things.

2. A New Look

If the bathroom vanity looks outdated, it may be time to freshen it up. Trends and personal tastes are constantly changing. The vanity is often the focal point of a bathroom. Changing the vanity can change the look of the whole room. There are many styles of 30-inch vanities, including farmhouse, modern, transitional, or coast. Everyone can find a bathroom vanity that is just right.

3. You’re Moving

If you are selling the home and moving, it may be the perfect time to upgrade to a new vanity. 30-inch vanities are inexpensive, but they can completely remake a room. A bathroom can become modern and sleek with a simple change of vanities.

4. Vanity Installations are Easy

Homeowners don’t have to remodel an entire bathroom to get the new style or function needed. Homeowners looking for an easy fix to an old bathroom may not need to look further than the vanity. Replacing showers, tubs, or flooring is expensive and difficult. Few people have the time and resources to tackle these jobs. Replacing the vanity, on the other hand, is a job that most people can afford and do themselves. Bathroom vanities that have the sink already built into the cabinet are the easiest to install. Homeowners need to pull the old vanity and sink out, put the new one in, and hook up the plumbing. 

5. Damaged Vanity

Vanities can take a beating over time. They are used many times during the day, and because they come in contact with water, vanities can become weak. Vanities see a lot of abuse daily, from kids slamming the doors to hair products leaving residue on the countertops and cabinets. These kinds of vanities need to be replaced. 

6. Fixtures Broken

Because bathroom vanities are so heavily used, sometimes components such as pull knobs break. If the vanity is old, it is sometimes impossible to find matching knobs for the vanity. Choosing to upgrade to a new vanity will fix the issue of broken or damaged features. 

7. Mold Growth

Vanities and bathrooms are exposed to heat and water daily. Because of this, mold sometimes grows in both seen and unseen places. Mold is unhealthy for anyone in the family, and especially for those with asthma or other respiratory health problems. Homeowners who find mold should replace their vanity immediately. 

A new 30-inch vanity can transform a bathroom. If one or more of these reasons makes sense to you, start looking for a new vanity today. 

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