7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Canary Islands This Year

If you’re a travel enthusiast who loves exploring, you probably don’t need a reason to visit Canary Islands. In fact, you could’ve possibly checked it off your travel bucket list already.

But if you’re still wondering whether it is a destination worth visiting or not, here’s 12 reasons that’ll make you book your flight right away.

  1. Seven for the price of One

As the name suggests, Canary Islands are a combination of islands – seven of them! And this number doesn’t include some of the smaller islets. There are seven unique islands to explore, each with their own nature and wildlife. Each island offers unique attractions that will keep you enthralled for weeks at a stretch. 

2. The Weather

Canary Islands is one of those places that has the perfect weather all day and all year through. During the day, the islands experience ample sunlight without becoming suffocating or intensely humid. At night, the temperatures are cool but not excessively. You can wear just about anything and stay comfortable in it. However, if you do plan to hike a mountain or otherwise camp at the higher end of life, you might want to carry a few extra layers of clothing.

3. Diversity in land

Canary Islands offer every kind of landscape. From deserts to forests and beaches; this place is blessed with the best of everything. You won’t even realize when you’ve walked into a different territory – the transitions are seamless. If you’re a nature enthusiast in particular, you’ll have the best time of your life here.

4. Easy Visa

Canary Islands are an autonomous Spanish archipelago. For most European Union citizens, all you need is a valid identity card to enter into this space. A few other nationalities require a valid passport. For another significant chunk of nationalities, visa is available on arrival. On the whole, getting into Canary Islands legally is not a problem. With a little planning, you can include this in your itinerary for the next Europe Tour. 

5. Affordable Vacation

Although Canary Islands don’t exactly qualify as a cheap vacation destination, it is nevertheless more affordable than most other overrated tourist cities. Especially in the off-season, you can get awesome deals and packages on air travel. Like icing on cake, if you’re utilizing Thomas Cook promo codes proactively, you can bag impressive discounts on accommodations as well. All the more reason to consider Canary Islands as your next travel destination on a budget!

6. Spanish Culture, Cuisine and Language

Canary Islands are a personification of the Spanish Culture, Cuisine and Language. You’ll find both cities and villages thriving on these islands. While cities offer the best of amenities and luxuries of life, villages are loved for their simplicity. Particularly if you’re looking for a digital detox, make your way to the not-so-glamorous interiors. And while you’re at it, make sure you’re well-versed in Spanish language or you’ll have difficulty communicating with the locals.

Their wine and cheese are particularly popular, so make sure you get your hands on them as much as you can. All through the Canary Islands, you’ll experience remnants of authentic Spanish culture preserved by the indigenous. It’s worth exploring a foreign culture, isn’t it? 

7. Relaxing

What relaxes you? If walking on the beach, hiking mountains, snorkeling, diving, surfing, exploring wildlife, mountain biking, star gazing, or dining with your loved ones at exotic locations constitute your idea of a relaxing time, you have to visit Canary Islands at the earliest. There’s something for everyone here. Solo travelers, couples, families with children of different ages or seniors can all enjoy activities on the islands without much difference.

To be honest, Canary Islands is quickly becoming a synonym for family relaxing vacation. Start building your itinerary right away!