8 Errors in Crypto Investments and How to Avoid Them

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The cryptocurrency market experienced palpable growth over the last few years. As a beginner, you might lack a solid crypto investing strategy. It means you can’t enjoy its financial benefits yet.

However, building your strategy hinges on knowing what to do and what not to do. Our guide focuses on the latter. Read on as we discuss common errors in cryptocurrency investments:

1. Buying Coins Because of Dirt Cheap Prices

Everyone wants to become millionaires as soon as possible. You want to wake up and see your crypto investments multiplying by the hundreds of your original purchase price.

Buying cryptos already worth hundreds of dollars means they’re unlikely to multiply by the thousands. As such, you think coins worth a few cents will have this potential. They’re also cheap, meaning you can buy millions with your current budget.

The harsh reality is the vast majority of these coins disappear instead. If you invest in these, you’ll lose your entire investment in no time. The closer their price is to zero, the faster their value drops.

2. Pulling Funds from Long-Term Investments

News articles and online videos show people making millions overnight from crypto investments. Some Bitcoin investors are even worth billions of dollars.

These posts set unrealistic expectations since it makes everyone think they can do the same. It makes them invest everything they have to make the most out of their return on investment.

However, pulling from your well-planned investment to fund a new and uncertain currency is fatal. It’s always more prudent to stick with your current plans. Otherwise, you can never meet your goals.

Another new gold rush will always appear. If you keep chasing these, you will never make much profit. For this reason, only invest money you’re willing to lose in cryptocurrencies.

3. Buying High and Selling Low

Most investors making this mistake will continuously lose money. In most cases, they believe coins with rising prices are safe prospects. They feel afraid to lose out on a golden opportunity.

These people rush to become part of the race to ride the waves. They put too much money while the coin’s price is at its highest. 

When the price of the crypto decreases, they panic. It happens because they lack knowledge of how the crypto market works. Instead, they go with the market flow, selling below their purchase prices.

Avoid this by understanding the reason behind the coin’s rising or falling price. Resist buying or selling coins based on their movements. It might not give the most profit, but it saves you from severe losses.

4. Investing Big at Once

Most beginners make this error: investing all their money in coins rapidly. It happens because they stick with the price they see. When you do this, you’ll lose the opportunity to get cheaper coins when prices dip.

The crypto market is volatile since a single tweet from a celebrity causes it to shift. Often, the reactions are extreme, causing the coin prices to change drastically.

Avoid obsessing over the crypto price changes as the day passes. Instead, focus on enriching your knowledge or doing your primary job. At the same time, plan your crypto purchases and stick to them.

5. Investing in a Single Coin

Many beginners invest all their funds in a single coin. It’s a mistake since it compounds the risk of investing in crypto. Your focus is to hedge your risk whenever possible.

If you invest 100% in one currency, your funds are at their mercy. If the crypto’s value goes down significantly, you’ll lose a lot of money. You won’t have other coins to even it out.

The better approach is to spread your money across various coins. Put some into more stable currencies like Bitcoin. If you want to test your investment risks and rewards, invest the rest in rapidly-rising coins.

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6. Timing the Market

Starting investors think they can buy coins at their lowest rate. After that, they hold on to it and sell before the price dips once again. This flawed mindset can cause you to lose money since no one can perfectly time the market.

The only people privy to the market timing either have inside information or are whales. The latter can influence the market due to their enormous holdings. As an average investor, you lack both.

Instead, set a target price to buy or sell cryptos. If the market hits these targets, take immediate action.

7. No Exit Strategy

Many investors never think about the right time to sell their cryptos. Their only plan is to let go of the coins for maximum profit. However, they lack the definition of that amount.

Without an exit strategy, you will likely fail as a crypto investor. You’re unlikely to sell when prices go up since you expect it to grow even more. It also applies when the coins’ values fall sharply.

Either way, you’ll lose out on either profiting or cutting your losses. Your lack of planning causes the spur of the moment to carry you away. If your exit strategy is reactive, you’re relying on luck.

8. Emotion-based Trading

Never use your emotions for your crypto investing strategy. Consider having a solid plan even before you start investing. Use logic and evidence instead of fear, greed, or uncertainty.

Most successful investors make patience their primary virtue. They often use technical analysis before setting targets. It allows them to enact their plan and learn when to buy and sell.

Avoid Errors in Cryptocurrency Investments Now

These are some common errors in cryptocurrency investments. Even if you aren’t a beginner, you might end up making these mistakes. Internalize these and create a better strategy to maximize your crypto investment profits.

Be sure to diversify your portfolio to even out your losses. Look for currencies aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum. After all, you have lots of options for cryptocurrencies.

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