8 Interior Design Tips

When it comes to interior design, there’s a whole bunch of possibilities and styles to choose from. Much like the world of fashion, each year brings new trends and the latest homeware crazes that trigger a wave of home renovations. Here are some of our best tips when it comes to home makeovers.

1. Find timeless pieces that won’t go out of style

Trends will come and go constantly, so a large part of your interior design should contain timeless pieces that won’t go out of style. What makes a timeless piece is something that you personally love, or an item that will match with a variety of different decor styles.

2. Don’t be afraid to do it yourself

DIY projects may seem intimidating, but they’re actually super fun! Personalising your furniture or decorations are just what you need to give that personal touch to your home. So pick up that paintbrush, embroidery hoop or pen and get creative.

3. Steer clear of your appliances 

Whilst interior decorating is all about the look and feel of your home, you need to make sure your designs aren’t impeding the performance of your household appliances. This makes items, like radiator covers, a waste of money because they actually stop your radiators from heating your house properly!

4. Switch up styles sometimes

When it comes to themes, you don’t have to stick to the same one with every interior design decision. Switching up styles, even in the same room can bring an air of uniqueness to your space, as well as create some fun and variety. For example, think about mixing your minimalist style with an industrial piece or two. 

5. Play around with colour

Whilst a uniform, white and grey interior are all over your Pinterest boards, once in your home you’ll find this style quite dull. But that’s where colour comes into things. And it isn’t something to be afraid of either. Colour can breath new life into a space, as well as show off some personality and create a great focal point in your room.

6. Remember the senses

You don’t want to overload the senses with your home decor choice. Between colour, fittings and out-there designs, it is possible that with too much going on, your room will feel a little chaotic. So when you’re looking for a finishing touch such as a reed diffuser or cool lamp, check to make sure the senses aren’t overloaded.

7. Focus on the details 

One of the best interior design tips is to focus on the details. This is where items that you wouldn’t usually think of such as light switches play a pivotal role. Small, tasteful touches like this can really complete your room and the theme you’re going for.

8. Trust your gut

Lastly, the number one piece of advice to remember when it comes to interior design is to trust your gut feelings. If you don’t truly like your interior design style, then you won’t feel comfortable in your space and to be truthful, it won’t look good. Home decor is about expressing yourself and creating the environment you want in your home, so every decision should be centred around that.