9 Mind-Blowing Things to do in Ajmer to Round Off Your Rajasthan Trip!

Surrounded by the stunning Aravalli Mountain Range on one side and glistening golden sand dunes on the other, Ajmer is an absolute jewel in Rajasthan State. There are countless awesome things to do in Ajmer that will make you wish you had planned a trip to this spectacular Rajasthan city a lot sooner. Ruled by different dynasties at various points in time, Ajmer is rich in history and cultural diversity. Even the cuisine here is among the very best in India! There are popular nearby places to visit as well. For instance, you can make an Ajmer to Pushkar trip if you have enough time on your hands. So be prepared to visit and enjoy some incredibly fun, free, as well as offbeat things to do in Ajmer this vacation!

Best Things to do in Ajmer:

Rajasthan is home to historic forts, ancient temples, a glorious cuisine, eccentric monuments, and fantastic cities among other things. Ajmer is a large part of these awesome attractions in Rajasthan. Even if you’re making an unplanned short trip to this fabulous state on last minute flights, make it a point to visit Ajmer. Take a quick glance at the below-listed fun and top things to do in Ajmer during your trip.

1. Stay like a royal at Jagat Palace

Ask any Ajmer tourist guide about the most luxurious places to stay in the city, and you can be sure that Jagat Palace will be among the top names on the list. If you have the cash to splash, then book rooms at this utterly luxurious hotel. Enjoy views of spectacular sand dunes while being treated to royal comforts like never before. Staying here is among the most romantic things to do in Ajmer for couples.

2. Visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Built to honor beloved Sufi saint Garib Nawaz, this is among the must-visit places in Ajmer. Exploring the incredibly popular Ajmer Dargah is among the top things to do in Ajmer. Soak in the spiritual fervor and harmony or the place while marveling at its mind-blowing architecture. Entry is free and there are Sufi concerts held almost every other evening at the famous Ajmer Sharif Dargah.

3. Take a crash course in history at Akbar Palace & Museum

For hardcore history buffs, this is perhaps the best site scene in Ajmer to enjoy. Visiting this majestic ancient palace and taking a peek into the region’s fascinating history is among the top things to do in Ajmer. A government museum, the site is home to several priceless paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts that bear witness to the Mughal era.

4. Enjoy boating

Among the most-visited tourist attractions in Ajmer is the remarkable Ana Sagar Lake. Boating on this spectacular artificial lake is among the best things to do in Ajmer. Take a boat out into the water and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. Entry to the lake will not cost you anything but boating charges will apply. If boating isn’t your thing, you can sit by the banks and enjoy scenic views of the lake.

5. Explore the famous Jain Temples

If you’re booking business class flights for a religious trip to Ajmer, exploring its Jain Temples is a must. The most popular one to visit is the Soniji Ki Nasiyan, otherwise famously known as the Ajmer Jain Temple. Clothed in gold, the famous Jain temple is filled with intricate carvings that depict the fascinating Jain mythology. While visiting this and other Jain temples, don’t forget to enjoy city views from the top.

6. Learn of the legend of Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra

Exploring this super-famous monument is among the most offbeat things to do in Ajmer. What makes it offbeat? Well, the legend behind it, of course. Reportedly, it took only two and a half days to build this remarkable ancient mosque. Built in the Indo-Islamic style, the mosque is covered in fantastic calligraphic engravings all over.

7. Stroll through the tranquil Daulat Bagh

This is among the most peaceful things to do in Ajmer. Strategically placed adjacent to the stunning Ana Sagar Lake, the utterly gorgeous Daulat Bagh garden seems like something out of a postcard. It’s the ideal Ajmer attraction for nature lovers and shutterbugs to visit. The tranquil ambiance adds to the scenic beauty of the place and makes the visit more memorable.

8. Gorge on delicious Ajmer food

If you’re a foodie, trying the delicious local food is among the top things to do in Ajmer for you. There are countless awesome restaurants, street food corners, cafes, and other eateries where you can grab a plateful of mouthwatering local food. Besides Rajasthani cuisine, you can also enjoy Continental, Chinese, and Mughlai cuisines among others at various restaurants.

9. Shop till you drop at the local bazaars!

When you book flight tickets to India for your Ajmer trip, make sure to shop in the city. Shopping at street markets as well as high-end stores is among the best things to do in Ajmer. Popular things to buy in Ajmer include handicrafts, stone sculptures, classy handbags, paintings, and embroidered footwear among several other things. Dargah Bazaar, Nalla Bazaar, and Mahila Mandi are a few popular places to shop in Ajmer.