A Few Things About India’s Cultural Jewel Golden Triangle

The golden triangle is the most popular route among tourists and offers many opportunities to see unesco’s world heritage locations. This triangle connects delhi, agra, and jaipur through a series of clean and quick roads. All the exciting places in this triangle reside close to each other and offer a unique glimpse of india’s rich cultural and political history. A golden triangle tour 2 nights 3 days is enough to explore all the nooks and corners of this fantastic place.

Things You Should Know Before Traveling The Golden Triangle

● india’s tourism season starts in october and lasts until march. During these months, you will notice a significant flow of tourists at the famous sightseeing landmarks around. If you visit any other season, the temperature and humidity of this area can reach extreme levels. If you can bear such temperatures, you can freely roam about the empty streets of the golden triangle. 

● the crowds in golden triangle can be pretty outrageous for people who are not habituated to such hordes. Since people from various counties visit this region often, it also notices a sufficient flow of pickpockets. You will also have people coming to you and asking for money to sell you trinkets. 

● you can travel by public transportation, which is commonly a bus. You can purchase bus tickets in advance through any nearby ticket counter. The best way to travel is to book a golden triangle tour for 2 nights 3 days, which will give you ample time to explore all the famous locations. 

Why Plan A 3 DaysGolden Triangle Tour?

The golden triangle is india’s most prevalent tourist route because many people see it as an easy way to travel to india. Visiting this part of india will shower you with incredible culturally and historically rich locations which are relatively easy to explore as a whole. You can also find many tourist trails that offer fantastic hospitality and plenty of other transportation methods such as auto-rickshaws and taxis.

Come Here to Look at The Monuments

The tajmahal is india’s known glory, but the golden triangle offers a whole range of similarly unique and incredible structures. The monuments range from afgan architecture to mughal architecture. You will also find several hindu religious temples and the stunning lotus temple, which is not limited to a single religion.

The qutubminar is the largest minaret globally, made by an afgan ruler as a victory pillar. In agra, you can find itimaduddaulah’s tomb, which a mughal empress made for her parents. Jaipur has the incredible hawamahal, which was home to mughal empresses and has over nine hundred windows.

Come Here to See Diversity

Agra, delhi, and jaipur are bustling cities that invite many tourists and people from all over the country to come and live here. A 3 days golden triangle tour will give you an incredible taste of many different religions and rules. In jaipur, you can see the pink architecture and desert state of rajasthan, and agra is known for its mughal influence. Delhi needs no definition as there cannot be one; there is no place in the world quite like it.

Embrace All The Confusion

Your first arrival in delhi will be a unique experience in itself, and the smells of incredible street food will enthrall you in its spell. You will also see a lot of chaos and crumbling buildings in delhi. The horns of vehicles have a little distress in them, but we will urge you not to focus on that.

You can see many breathtaking temples and monuments that will make your mind burst with thoughts of how someone can show so much dedication towards this land. You will also see many colors, and we recommend you feel their saturation as they pose a unique portrait if you let your imagination loose.

This tour is an experience which everyone has to go through once in their life. And once you shuffle through it, you can get all the iconic cultural experience india is known in the books for.

Come Here For An Easy Travel Experience

It might sound surprising considering we spoke about the incredible crowds of this place. But it is one of the most accessible travel routes in all of india, believe it or not. The ease of travel and public transport gives this spot a unique joy to explore.

People here talk fluent english most of the time as they are aware of the tourism here. The whole experience might seem a little overwhelming at first to absorb, but once you get a hold of it, this will be one of the most memorable experiences of your whole life. And the best way to experience this place whole is with a 3 days golden triangle tour. 

We promise you that it will be an immense pleasure, unforgettable, and memorable journey of your life to capture several precious moments.