A Guide on Port Saint Lucie Hypertension

Hypertension is a common condition that can affect any age group. Hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure is a prolonged condition that can lead to serious health diseases. That’s why it is important to seek medical assistance. So If you’re planning to visit doctors treating hypertension, then this Port Saint Lucie hypertension guide will clear all your doubts.

What Is Hypertension? 

High blood pressure, often known as “hypertension,” can strike anyone at any time. Adults are the most affected. It’s easily identifiable, but most people don’t give it much thought until it becomes unbearable, despite the fact that seeking aid in health-related matters is vital. 

Hypertension occurs when the blood pressure against the artery walls is too high, your arteries shrink, and it becomes difficult for your heart to pump blood.

It can also cause diseases related to the heart, brain, and kidneys. Hypertension is defined as blood pressure that is higher than 140/90, and it becomes severe when it exceeds 180/120.

Causes of Hypertension

Hypertension can strike for a variety of reasons. Some of the important reasons for hypertension are:

  • Excessive stress can lead to hypertension.
  • Aging is another reason for hypertension.
  • Habits like smoking and drinking can contribute to hypertension too.
  • Lack of exercise is one of the prominent reasons for hypertension among individuals.
  • If your eating habits involve consuming too much salt then it is a warning sign.
  • Further, hypertension can be genetic.

Other than this, there are a variety of factors such as severe medical conditions, prolonged disease, etc. that can cause hypertension. That’s why it is recommended to have a yearly checkup.

Hypertension Treatment in Port St. Lucie 

Hypertension is a very common condition. It affects around a quarter of the world’s population. In Port St. Lucie, there are 428 doctors who can treat hypertension. You can get in touch with the one that is closest to you.

It is important to take care of yourself and your body. Even the tiniest of symptoms might develop into a serious illness if you don’t receive the required treatment at the right time. Maintaining a balanced diet and exercise regularly will help you improve your mental health and reduce anxiety and depression. Exercising releases chemicals called endorphins, which have a good effect on your brain. There are also certain things you may do at home to help calm your mind, but always consult your doctor first and work accordingly.