Achieve Your Body Goals With Exceptional Plastic Surgery Services in VA

If you want to adjust and enhance your appearance to achieve your beauty goals, cosmetic plastic surgery might be an excellent option. Various cosmetic surgeries can tighten and enhance the appearance of your skin, facial features, remove or add hair, and more. Cosmetic surgery is also medically useful in repairing scars for people involved in accidents and restoring the functionality of a body part. The board-certified providers at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center offer nonsurgical and surgical procedures to help you achieve your body goals. For more information about Dulles, VA, plastic surgery, call or book an appointment online for customized treatment plans and cosmetic procedures.

About the Practice

Sanctuary Cosmetic Center is an advanced face and body aesthetic center located in Dulles and McLean, Virginia. This cosmetic plastic surgery practice features board-certified plastic surgeons and aims at catering to both men and women seeking to restore a youthful and beautiful look. The procedures available can help you enhance the appearance of your chest, abdomen, breasts, face, butt, or whole body. They use the latest medical technology advances to ensure you receive high-quality results.

Treatment Services Available

At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, you can receive a full range of plastic surgery and cosmetic services. You can contact the team of board-certified plastic surgeons for quality treatments such as:

  •   Eyelid surgery/ Blepharoplasty- Excess and bagginess around your eyes can make you look older. This procedure aims to revitalize your eyes and treat saggy skin, bulging eyes, and eye bags for a natural-looking and beautiful result.
  •   Facelift- This treatment aims at reversing aging and sagging skin by lifting sagging skin in target areas of your face. So, if your face is getting saggy, droopy, or wrinkled, you can still regain a more youthful look.
  •   Botox- If you have sagging or wrinkled skin, you can achieve a smooth and more youthful look with Botox. The noninvasive treatment can contour the face, jawline, nose, lips, cheeks, and the skin under the eyes.
  •   Neck lift- If your neck begins to show aging signs and you start to have loose skin folds around the jaws and neck, a neck lift procedure helps tighten up the neck area to give you a more youthful appearance. 
  •   Cool sculpting- If you have stubborn body fat that does not go away despite dieting and exercise, you should consider cool sculpting. The non-invasive procedure utilizes patented cooling technology that reduces persistent fat bulges by freezing and destroying fat cells.
  •   Breast augmentation- If you don’t like your small breasts, this procedure gives you bigger and fuller breasts to enhance your appearance.
  •   Skin tightening- As you age, your skin is prone to lose its elasticity and volume, causing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Skin tightening can help restore smooth and youthful skin.
  •   Butt lift- If your butt sags and you wish you had a plumper and tighter butt, a butt lift will help improve your butt proportions and figure for the body contour of your dream.

In conclusion, you can benefit from these comprehensive cosmetic and aesthetic services available in and around VA, at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center. Other services available include lip augmentation, facial rejuvenation, liposuction, tummy tuck, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, etc. For more information about the best type of treatment for you, book your consultation online today with the caring providers or give them a call.