Adam Sandler Co-Signs Rob Twizz on Twitter

Legendary actor, comedian, film producer and writer Adam Sandler took to his social medias to share the “Happy Gilmore” inspired music video by Rob Twizz. He has been back on a hot streak with his most recent Netflix success, but he is a man of few words on social media. He has recently been in the news with some preliminary talks on considering making a sequel to “Water Boy” and “Happy Gilmore”. Could posting Rob Twizz “Adam Sandler” video be another hint?

On a recent episode of the Variety Awards Circuit podcast, Adam Sandler said both movies could be fun, although plots may be a little hard to come by. On a sequel to 1998’s The Waterboy: “That would be fun as hell…I love Mama [Kathy Bates]. I love Henry Winkler. I mean, come on. He’s always gonna be Coach Klein to me…But, I don’t know man, it’s funny. I don’t know what the ideas [would be].” Considering he has had a success with sequels in general, I’m sure fans will line up!

As for Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler had more concrete ideas for a sequel with a lot of comedy potential. “Wouldn’t that be fun to do the senior tour of Happy Gilmore, and hang out with all those guys and try to write a great script about Happy as an older guy, and having to calm down his temper and all that stuff?”

Adam took to his socials on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram story to say “thank you” to Rob Twizz for his music video that pays homage to none other than the Sandman Adam Sandler. You can tell Adam appreciates the classic boom bap style of hip hop. The music video has metaphors and punchlines that are based on all historic Happy Madison films. You can find Twizz strutting around a golf course in the classic Boston Gilmore jersey and even makes a cameo as Bobby Boucher himself. The co-sign from Adam Sandler has skyrocketed a new following to the artists fanbase.

Rob Twizz

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