Advanced Car Safety Features To Avoid Car Accidents

As technology grows faster, the technical features of vehicles are also improving. These features enhance the user experience and change the way cars operate. Having autostart, and heated seats are some luxurious features to have, but some features available in cars can make driving safer.

Some features are dangerous if misused, like playing video on-screen or setting up GPS while driving, which can distract drivers and cause accidents. Accidents occur without warning; therefore, a car accident lawyer Houston can help the victim seek maximum compensation from the insurance company. 

Advanced car safety features to avoid car accidents.

Several technologies featured in car helps avoid accidents. Here is a list of some safety features or devices that prevent car accidents. Check Tamis here.

1. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 

An anti-lock braking system prevents the vehicle’s wheel from locking up when brakes are applied in an emergency. This prevents the car from skidding on the road and stops it immediately. In the meantime, it allows the driver to focus on the steering wheel and find a safe spot to stop the car. ABS feature has helped many drivers control their vehicle safely in a panic situation. 

2. Back camera

The back camera is a unique feature that comes with every car now. The camera allows the driver to look behind the vehicle without the help of glasses. Not only does it shows the area behind your car, but it also estimates the turning area to avoid any crash with objects nearby. A 360-degree camera is also available in some expensive cars that show every side of the vehicle on the screen, helping the driver when backing up. 

3. Lane departure warning system

Lane departure warning system consists of a camera fitted in front of the car. The system’s feature is to identify the lane width and notify the driver if driving drifts across the lane. It is beneficial when the driver gets distracted listening to the radio or music. The system sends audio or video notifications on the multimedia screen.

4. Autonomous Cruise Control

We have been hearing cruise control systems for a long time, but Autonomous Cruise Control (ACC) is more advanced than regular cruise systems. In the ACC system, the car will automatically lower the speed and keep a safe distance if any vehicle is spotted in front of it. The driver will not have to slam the brakes to slow down the car. 

5. Bluetooth or voice control feature

Almost every car in Houston has a Bluetooth connectivity feature. This feature helps the driver connect their phone and listen to music or accept and decline calls. Since driving while talking on the phone is illegal, one can speak with anybody with the phone connected to the car’s speaker system.