Advantages of A Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you are looking for an environment-friendly and one of the best ways to maintain your garden, then a cordless hedge trimmer deserves a trial. All the battery-operated hedge cutters are lightweight, pollution-free and works at low sound levels. Let’s discuss some other benefits of a cordless hedge trimmer so that you can easily compare it with the other two versions and choose the best among them.

No strings attached

The primary benefit of a cordless hedge trimmer is the fact that it gives you complete freedom of movement. It does not have any cables attached, which simply means you can easily take it along virtually anywhere. However, the situation changes when you are using a corded trimmer because you can only stretch according to its power cable. There are some chances that you might damage the cable while doing the hedges.

You can easily use a cordless hedge trimmer over ladders, but using a mains powered version could be tricky because you might trip over its power cable. Changing the position while using a corded trimmer is also trouble, but no cable management is required in case you own a cordless variant. So, try something like Bosch AHS 50-20 LIthat can easily deal with branches up to 25 mm in diameter.

Lightweight and easy to use

A cordless hedge trimmer is a synonym for extreme portability because of its low weight. You might think, why battery dependent cutters are not hefty? It’s only because they don’t have a massive petrol engine. So, you can easily carry and use a cordless cutter.

Battery operated variants are more balanced and ergonomic in design. They are also easy to start in comparison to a petrol engine. What’s more? Such machine works with minimal vibrations so that you can work for extended hours without getting tired.

Extended backup without much maintenance

Want to enjoy unlimited backup using a cordless hedge trimmer? Yes, you read it right. Purchase a spare battery and whenever you notice that the existing battery is dying, exchange it with the charged one. In other words, you will never face a downtime using a battery dependent hedge cutting machine.

Well, you can get the same features and functions from a gas propelled trimmer. However, you need to bear the fuel cost as well as part replacements and invest some in its regular maintenance. If you cannot service it periodically, you need to contact the service centre or nearby repair shop. Moreover, you need to follow a particular procedure to store petrol-based trimmer.

On the other hand, there are no such hassles with a battery dependent hedge trimmer. Primarily because there is no engine to repair or maintain. So, a simple wipe and lubrication after each usage are fine with a cordless version.

Minimal noise

Most of the cordless hedge trimmers operate without making noise and tries to make your garden maintenance session pleasurable. Moreover, you don’t have to wear a hearing aid. Your neighbours would never complain about the disturbances, even if you are living in a busy society. You can enjoy all these benefits because none of the battery dependent models never cross the sound level of 70 dB, which is comparatively very lower than petrol and even corded versions.

Greater access without any safety hazards

Using a cordless trimmer is possible at any of the sites because you don’t need a power outlet all the time while working. As there is no connection between mains power and the trimmer, you will never experience electrical shocks.


As you can understand after reading the above-mentioned points, cordless hedge trimmers are lightweight and easy to use garden maintenance machines. You can try one of these devices to enjoy a convenient gardening time and experience all the benefits that we were discussing today.