Android emulator online – Drawbacks and Benefits of Using Advanced Mobile App Testing Platform

With thousands of apps getting launched on the app markets every day, mobile app testing has become so important to make sure that the app is technically fit to convince, attract and hold the customers. Your apps should be tested for its usability, consistency, and functionality. There are different strategies for mobile app testing and android simulator is one among them. 

In the initial periods, the android emulator was like a boon the users and the app developers. But the increasing demand for apps created the need to test all of the features of the apps. But android emulator does not provide a complete picture of how your mobile app performs on the customer’s phone. Here are the important drawbacks of android emulator and the best solution to overcome the same. 

Doesn’t check apps on real devices 

Even though Android emulator online is so easy to access and use, it checks the apps on simulated hardware and software and not on the real devices. So even though the app passes the test with the Android emulator, there is no guarantee that it works better on real devices. This is one of the main drawbacks of this emulator. You have to check with the real devices before launching the app to avoid circumstances for users to uninstall the app due to bugs and other technical issues.

But there are thousands of mobile devices that make use of android apps, and hence, a testing tool with access to a wide range of devices looks to be expensive. Here comes the importance of a reputed mobile apps test platform like pCloudy, developed on the cloud platform. pCloudy with 5000 plus device browser combinations help you check your mobile app as per the requirements. pCloudy can be also set up in a private lab for the professional developers to test every feature of the apps before they are launched on the app store. 

Do not check all of the features 

Android emulator does not check all of the features of the mobile app like battery performance. For example, think that the user installs your app and notices the battery getting low fast than usual. When the user finds that culprit behind the battery issues is your app, it just vanishes from their mobile screen in seconds. 

pCloudy – One of the best mobile apps testing platforms 

In these circumstances, you can make use of pCloudy, one of the most efficient mobile app test platform that helps you check all of the features of the apps including battery performance, compatibility with other apps, SMS sending speed, and almost all of the user-friendly functions of the app.  Since this platform works on the cloud platform, there is no need to worry about the expenses related to maintenance and up-gradation. 

There are also some other drawbacks for Android emulator online including cost and duration of setting up emulator, incompatibility with the app or its elements, not supporting all of the OS and more. But on the other hand, pCloudy is compatible with all of the devices, easy to access, affordable and work with all of the OS. Now check your mobile app with pCloudy.

Benefits of using the best mobile app testing platform 

There is no doubt that pCloudy is one of the best mobile app testing platforms available in the market. It is the unique benefits that made this platform so popular among the app development companies and individual users. Here are some of the unique benefits of using an advanced mobile app testing platform instead of an android emulator. 

Zero code automation 

Coding makes one of the tiring and time-consuming processes in testing the app with different devices. But pCloudy like advanced platforms automates the mobile app tests and makes the user free from 40% to zero level script creation process. In simple words, the platform helps the developers and users to test mobile apps on different devices without spending time on writing scripts.

The automated mobile testing platform adds speed to the app testing process when compared with an android emulator. Several apps can be tested at a time on different devices to check for any of the issues and to settle them instantly to assure faster release of mobile apps. 

Seamless integration with tools 

pCloudy platform helps the user to integrate the mobile app testing platform with several popular tools like Slack, JIRA, ALM and more. This helps the user to achieve continuous mobile app testing and enhance the mobile app release cycles. The present app market is so competitive and hence the web developers have to provide apps on time with powerful features without any usual issues. This platform with advanced features helps the users to check the apps and deliver the same on time for the customers.

Assures the speed on all of the devices 

The performance of the app is so important since a good number of apps are uninstalled due to poor performance and bugs. As said above there are thousands of devices in the mobile market with different screen resolutions and operating systems. Businesses have to make sure that the app performs with the same level of speed in all of the devices. Android emulator is not equipped with sufficient features to check the app performance on all of the devices. On the other hand, pCloudy is developed with an advanced mobile app testing platform to check apps as per the unique requirements.

Efficient functional tests 

All of the functions of the mobile app tests should deliver the expected performance. The features should respond instantly to the requests made by the users. Any of the drawbacks or deficiencies with any of the features can badly affect the overall performance and can result in the uninstallation of apps. pCloudy provides the bot-driven functional test to check for the speed and efficiency of each of the features of the mobile app. This platform helps the users with comprehensive health checks and analysis and that tool in less than 3 minutes.

Saves time and effort 

It is not practical for an app developer to get all of the devices in the market to check for the performance of the app. It is time-consuming and an android simulator takes time to check apps for each of the features and as said above it doesn’t check all of the features. But pCloudy provides the most advanced mobile app testing platform that helps the user to save the good volume of time and effort with an automated mobile app testing platform that can be configured as per the unique requirements of mobile app testing.

Test from anywhere 

pCloudy mobile app testing platform works on cloud and helps the users to check the mobile apps at anytime from anywhere. Even though android simulator online works on a cloud platform, it lacks most of the advanced app testing features. Ignoring the importance of mobile app testing can bring loss for the business owners. Business owners can make use of this platform to check the apps before it is launched to the app market. Or else make sure that the mobile app developer makes use of one of the best mobile app testing platforms like pCloudy to test all of the features to make the app success on the mobile app market.Now you better know the drawbacks of the android emulator and the benefits of using pCloudy for mobile app testing.

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