Antai College of Economics and Management Ranked 10th in FT EMBA

Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) is a top business school in China. The institution provides undergraduate and graduate degrees, a full-time MBA, several executive education programs, and Ph.D. programs. The Financial Times published a rating of the world’s top 100 EMBA programs in 2021 On October 18, 2021, Antai College of Economics and Management ranking was 10th.

Antai College of Economics and Management EMBA excelled in the most critical career success indicator, ranking third in the world for average alumni income, within the top five for three years in a row, and gradually rising. The pay rise has placed first in the world for two years in a row.

The Significance of FT EMBA

One of the most significant moves you have to make in your professional career is selecting the right MBA school. When the seventeenth edition of the Financial Times yearly EMBA ranking, which lists the world’s top 100 Executive MBA programs for senior working managers, was issued, the Executive MBA (EMBA) landscape saw fresh and exciting innovations once again. There is a lot to cover in business education, with increased competition, new entrants, and ever more significant criteria to meet.

The Financial Times uses different measures than other rating organizations. Instead of concentrating on GMAT scores and GPAs, the Financial Times considers gender and ethnic diversity. It’s a novel method, and honoring a school’s international spirit may make this rating appealing to some. 

The Financial Times (FT) Executive MBA (EMBA) Ranking is unquestionably one of the world’s most prominent MBA rankings. Every year, top business schools throughout the globe anxiously anticipate the release of the ranking. To them, it’s all about getting on the list — the further up you go, the better.

The Financial Times EMBA Ranking is based on an exact procedure that comprehensively examines 16+1 factors, concentrating on alumni’ salary and career advancement, business school diversity, research, and CSR. The various factors are weighted differently, and the bulk of the data (55 percent) is gathered from alumni. The remaining data, namely quantitative data on participants, faculty members, program content, and research activities (45 percent), get supplied by business schools.

Why did Antai College of Economics and Management Get Qualified for FT EMBA Ranking?

  1. The Overall Satisfaction Indicator: In 2018, Antai College, which just celebrated its centennial, founded the Shanghai Jiao Tong University-Industry Research Institute, establishing a virtuous loop between practice, theory, education, and presenting the Antai Proposal for global management practice. So far, 33 industry research teams have been created in major sectors, which focused on the national economy and people’s livelihood, building mature industry research routes, and delivering diverse research findings.
  2. Academic and Work Performance: Antai College of Economics and Management is a top business school in China. Successes in the growth of creative skills were again shown in this EMBA rating, with the career advancement index placing at the top of the globe. Along with multiple research centers, Antai College of Economics and Management has six entire research institutes, one of which, the Institute for Industry Research, is their most recent and innovative, not only rapidly developing and strengthening their academic-industry collaborations but also realigning significant portions of the College to become even more relevant to business and broader society. 
  3. Faculty Support: Antai College, with its strong faculty and good disciplines, offers targeted training programs for students at various stages of development to meet the comprehensive development of each individual through three-dimensional curriculum platforms, all-around practice platforms, multi-level training, and lifelong training and learning platforms.
  4. Accreditation: The Antai College of Economics and Management was the first business school in China to be accredited by all three of the world’s most prominent certifying bodies: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. Antai College of Economics and Management is the best business school in China’s Ministry of Education System, with top 100 MBA programs in QS’ MBA Rankings 2020 and 2021.

The Bottom Line

Antai College has progressed to the next level of development. Their strategy revolves around promoting industry research. In the future, Antai College of Economics and Management will have academic and industry professionals. They also make changes to the current performance evaluation system to reward accomplishments in both academic and industrial areas. Enroll in the MBA program at Antai College, the top business school in China, to build a name for yourself in your professional career. Visit the Antai College of Economics and Management website for admission and further information.