Are Knee Braces Really Effective?

When you have had a major accident and your knee is affected, you do not have any other option other than wearing a knee brace in order to protect it from any kind of further injury. Have you ever wondered whether you really needed to wear knee braces?

There have been several studies that have stated that on one hand, it has a great benefit of preventing any kind of mechanical stress on the knees but at the same time, it has also been proved that there is no clinical relevance of knee braces. Check out the types of knee braces below:

Prophylactic Braces

Players usually use this kind of knee braces. You can have an apparent stiffness in your knees when you are a player and you might need to protect that by wearing a knee brace.

Functional Braces

Well, this is the kind of braces you must use after you have got into a severe accident. These braces are a bit more protected than the prophylactic braces. The braces of this kind can help to support your ligaments when you are recovering from that injury. They can also provide stability to your knees when you are trying to do physical exercise after an accident.

Rehabilitative Braces

You must make sure that these braces are worn only when you are not allowed to move your legs. They provide very little space for movement and there are severe restrictions on the knee flexing. These are worn immediately after an accident as they can allow space for swelling and healing.

Unloader Braces

If you are an arthritis patient, this might be the perfect knee braces for you. Whenever you try to take a tiny little step, with or without your crutches, these knee braces can help to take some of the stress off your knees. They are quite helpful for arthritis patients and the regular wearing of these braces can help to delay knee surgery.

Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are not limited to knee braces. There is a comfortable knee gear that can be worn by the athletes or joggers in order to feel comfortable while running. If the legs are positioned well with the help of the knee sleeves, they can turn out to be even more functional.


The use of knee braces is different for different people. What might prove to be a blessing for a certain number of people might prove to be useless for the others. The best knee brace is usually used as a means of healing when a person is suffering from any kind of major physical trauma. You can always argue that knee surgery can get rid of all the issues but we can counter-argue with that fact by stating that knee braces are way less invasive. Therefore, whether you use a knee brace or not is completely up to you. In case you wish to use a knee brace, here is a buying guide for the best knee brace

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