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Astoria Greengrass belongs from the most famous British family and born in 1982 and died in 2019. Sacred 28 also involves the Greengrass family and remember for the long term just because of having a tag of pure blood family. She belonged from high standard witch (upper class). However, how to live day and night she had guideline and standards to follow.

From 1992 to 2000, she went to Hogwarts (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) and it was situated in the Great Britains’ highlands of Scotland. From her family, her husband and sister went to same school. Astoria was a pure British Blood Witch.

NameAstoria Greengrass
Color of HairDark Brown
Color of SkinPale
Blood statusMudblood (Not Pure blood)
Life partnerDracon Malfoy
ChildrenOne son (Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy)
Father-in-lawDaphne Greengrass
Mother-in-lawNarcissa Malfoy

Astoria Greengrass Family

She lost her mother at very early phase of her life. She was just 3 years old when this incident happened with her. Her father, Darren Greengrass, remarried a woman named as Lillian Corner after the death of his first wife. Along with Astoria, her elder sister also went to Hogwarts.

Later, Draco Malfoy became the husband of Astoria. After her marriage, her new name was Astoria Malfoy. After few years, they gave birth to their first child, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.

Early Life

Astoria was born and raised in pure blood family, like other pure bloods. In Astoria, you can see countless images of life’s events and journeys.

These views were the result of 2nd Wizarding War that she faced. Because of the deeds of her ancestors, she was cursed and later she died because of this.

Hogwarts Years (1993-2000)

In 1993, Astoria joined Hogwarts for the first time and continuously learned new magic tricks and skills for almost 17 years. Hogwarts brings some good people friends in her life.

She was very passionate for the things she learned in her school life. At the time of battle of Hogwarts, she helped one of the professors, Slugborn which shows her respective nature.

After Marriage Life

Draco Malfoy was the senior of Astoria Greengrass. Draco has 2 years ahead of Astoria. Astoria’s elder sister was the class fellow of Draco Malfoy.  Lucius and Narcissa, parents of Draco were against his marriage with Astoria.

The reason for which Draco’s parents were against their marriage was Astoria’s respect and interest towards pure blood family. The 2nd Wizarding War changed the life of Astoria and her views of pure blood. This war made Astoria more tolerable.

This increased the affection of Astoria towards many things. She stopped her child to learn the early belief of pure blood which was “Muggles are scum”. Later, this was the reason of many family fights.

During several fights of Astoria with Draco’s family, Draco stood among her in front of all which ultimately made Astoria belief in his pure love for their marriage. After this event, she told her son that Draco’s stand for her was the most courageous things she ever saw in her life.

Astoria Greengrass Journey As A Mother

Scorpius Malfoy was the only child of Astoria. At the early age of her life and after her marriage, she wanted a child. The curse she had was the only reason behind this. She was scared that the curse would again affect her life. She desired for the child after the marriage as she didn’t want to leave her husband alone.

Because of the rumor that she was unfit for giving birth to a child cause her facing a lot of criticism. People were used to talk about some unbelievable things like she used time machine and went to past to give a birth to child with Lord Voldemort. This criticism affected her life badly. This affected the life of her son too. People started teasing her existence in Hogwarts school.

Astoria made her son learn many good things like bravery, honesty, etc. In first year, she asked her son to share his sweets with his classmates in the very first year of his school.

This advice of her mother helped Scorpius made some good friends at Hogwarts. Scorpius life became easy after connecting with many good people.

Astoria Death

As she thought, the cursed affected her life which caused death at the end. After leaving her family behind, she died. She was well aware that this curse will result in her death one day.

As every family do, her family remembered her for lifetime. Draco Malfoy acquired “Time-Turner” from his father to use it and go back in time. But Draco dropped this plan as this was against the laws of nature and can cause many unusual things in his life.

Astoria Greengrass Personality

Astoria was warm-hearted towards her family. The only bad habit she had was the temper loose. She faced many difficulties in her life because of this habit. She kept admiring the natural things present on this earth. Fashion and luxurious things were the affection of Astoria.

Astoria had many designer shoes in her wardrobe. Astoria preferred to spend her time with like-minded people. Her talking accent was too good. Magic attracted her a lot. At Hogwarts, she learned many magical things and saw those too.

Astoria Greengrass Lifestyle

As she was born a wealthy family, she had all the luxurious things after her birth. She faced many ups and downs in her life. One of her habit was to twitch herself whenever she became nervous.

After the school life, she found a job after many trials. She was affected towards her work which caused her to work for many dedicated hours. Later, she became addicted to her work. She respected life a lot as her views for life were very meaningful. She had many philosophies about life. Astoria was the kind of person who welcomed all the events warm-hearted in life.

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