AtobMixer is a new Bitcoin Mixer/Tumbler Using MP2C System

Bitcoin mixing is a process that has been around from the very start to help with the public anonymity side of things. While mixing industry has become much more sophisticated in the recent past, it is also true that cutting edge tumblers/mixers are the need of the hour as anonymity is under threat from governments and other investigating agencies. 

Atobmixer is a Bitcoin mixer that was started back in 2017 with only private mixing option available for some exclusive mixing opportunities. Now with the launch of the new and upgraded mixing, Atobmixer is now looking at public mixing opportunities for users around the world. 

The MP2C Protocol

The current MP2C protocol developed by the technical team uses two pools, one of which is used only for receiving funds and the other is only used for sending funds. This helps ensure the all-important feature that you don’t get your mixed coins from two different pools which can cast a shadow over the effectiveness of the mixing program being used by a company. 

Available Crypto currencies

Both Bitcoin and Monero mixing options are available. Monero is an already privacy-centered coin in the cryptocurrency world. The traceability index of the AtobMixer is as close to zero as it gets. There are further 12 currencies (14 in total) that are being promoted by Atobmixer. 

Client Protocol and Privacy

Bitcoin mixing is completely legal and the secrecy of the identities of the users of the platforms are extremely important to the company. The whole idea of mixing is to increase the anonymity of Bitcoin users around the world and compromising even a little bit on privacy and security is not an option. 

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