A New TikTok Trend Barbie, Bratz, or Fairy

Social networks are attractive not only for communication, but also for unusual photo filters. Virtual masks and filters allow you to feel like a hero of a fairy tale and learn something about yourself. Almost every week a new trend comes that let people use and enjoy it till the next came. The new trend on TikTok is called Barbie, Bratz and the Fairy. Girls join the challenge to find out what type they are, or ask friends for tips. After all, every girl wants to be like a doll or a fairy.

What is Barbie, Bratz and Fairy Shapeshift

The idea of the direction is that the girls try on three characters – a slim and beautiful Barbie, a reckless Bratz doll and a cute Winx fairy. To do this, they use two methods:

  1. Post videos tagged #barbiebratzorfairy and ask followers who they look like;
  2. Use a special image filter and instantly know the result.

Challenge participants change clothes and hairstyles to confuse the filter and stir up the interest of their subscribers on Tiktok.

The fun of challenges is not new on TikTok. Previously, users found out who they look like to among the heroes of Marvel and the Glee series. To change your look or rebirth again on Tiktok, it was also necessary to process the image using a filter. Since March 2023, a new direction of the challenge has appeared – Barbie, Bratz and Fairy picture.

Trend Popularity on TikTok

Tiktokers are seriously interested in finding similarities with the perfect Barbie, the big-headed Bratz and the little fairy. The challenge hashtag has been requested 10 million times which is among the biggest challenge hashtag in history. Twitter users also wanted to know who is who. Videos with comments appeared in Tiktok, under which followers note similarities with the characters.

The fans of this new filter asked the developers how the result is selected. We all know the program processes the image, but how it finds a match with the facial features of Barbie, Bratz dolls or Winx fairies which is not exactly known. As a result, the real face is transformed into a cartoon picture. The trend has become popular due to unpredictability that no one knowns what they will be like in the outcome. The similarity of the image is approximate, but the result is far from ideal.

Such entertainment services are not considered reliable. Famous actors didn’t match the characters they played which make many actors upset and they think to not use Tiktok. But still it is a trending hashtag challenge with 10 million searches. The challenge programmatch people with other characters with similar facial features.

New Filters And Trends

The developers of Tiktok are trying to make the social network even more attractive with the help of unusual features thats why new users are joining TikTok everyday. The face comparison filter was in start only available on Chinese accounts. But from March 2023, users of European countries and the United States are able to use barbie bratz or fairy comparison filter with their images.

Tiktokers come up with original ways to design videos and use a filter. You can compare not only your own pictures, but also animals, friends, celebrities. Related music is then selected for the video to make it more cool.

Moreover to Barbie dolls, Bratz dolls and the fairy, the following transformations challenges are currently popular on TikTok:

  • In emoticon emoji;
  • From child photography to adult photography;
  • In the hero of your favorite TV series or movie.

Another trend that is famous on Tiktok is to look for similarities with parents. By uploading a photo of your dad and mom, the user will find out who he looks more like. The trend is not limited to visual transformation. Users can answer quiz questions and, based on the results, find out what type they are – Barbie, Bratz or fairy.

Participation Rules:

How to find out your type:

  1. Find on the Internet Barbie, Bratz or Fairy tiktok picture;
  2. Save on smartphone;
  3. Crop so that the faces of the characters are clearly visible;
  4. Find your single photo in the gallery or take a fresh selfie;
  5. Go to the TikTok application;
  6. Select the Shapeshifting filter;
  7. Upload your photo and pictures with dolls.

After three seconds, the challenge program will compare the images and return the result. You can publish the final image on your social profiles with the challenge tag to let your circle know to whom you look like.

You don’t have to use a filter to participate in the fun. A photo or video can be posted without processing, but needed to add a question to subscribers in the description and also put a hashtag. With the help of the hashtag, other users who are not in regular subscribers will find the post and leave a funny comment. Your subscribers can also let you know to whom you look like.

The Best Results On TikTok Challenge

The following tiktokers got memorable results:

  • tattooobabyyy – with makeup, the girl fell into the Barbie category. She didn’t like the result. The filter recognized the clean face as a Bratz doll;
  • Ox – tiktoker is fond of make-up. Especially for the challenge, she made up as Bratz, and the filter agreed with her;
  • sharp – she was so happy with the similarity to Wanda from the WandaVision series that she took a joint photo with the Vision.

Tiktoker under the nickname readyfready was less fortunate. Instead of dolls and fairies, he loaded images of Harry Potter characters into the filter. The guy wanted to be like Voldemort. He covered his nose with plaster, cover his face with white, highlighted his eyes with black. But the filter chose Professor Quirrell, Professor McGonagall, Mad-Eye Moody, and even Luna Lovegood, but not the Dark Lord.