Benefits of Physical Therapy

Patients suffering from various physical injuries or illnesses are often referred to a physical therapist by their physician. No matter how you hurt yourself – be it playing, running, or camping or hiking, it’s important to go through the process of healing. However,  if you’re new to the Great Lakes area and haven’t sought out physical therapy in Okemos, you might not be overly familiar with all of the myriad benefits this kind of care can provide.

Chronic Pain

When you’re experiencing pain, medication is rarely the only way you can find relief. Actually, physical therapy will often be a better solution than many prescriptions because it’s designed in such a way that it addresses the actual source of the issue and works to correct it. For example, the source of leg or neck pain might actually be in your back. People who diligently go to their physical therapy appointments and do their exercises when they’re at home tend to experience less pain than those who don’t because they’re strengthening their muscles which in turn increase support. In fact, they might even be able to stop taking their pain medication, which will reduce the risk of their becoming addicted to those medications.

Athletic Performance

Top-tier athletes often rely on physical therapy in order to assist with identifying imbalances and weaknesses within their bodies. By working toward improving flexibility and strength in these areas, athletic performance often improves. Additionally, training with a licensed physical therapist can assist athletes with the prevention of injuries. It can also make it a possibility to avoid things like stress fractures, strained muscles, and any other injury that can interfere with competing or training.

Most teams have a physical therapist on staff to help with the team’s injuries or conditioning.

Recover From Injuries

A vehicular accident, a nasty fall, or even a bad case of tennis elbow might all make it a bit difficult for you to complete all of the myriad tasks of daily living. Sometimes, sudden injuries can make even walking to your mailbox or taking part in your favorite activities so difficult or even impossible, that you don’t even want to attempt them. This is where physical therapy proves its value in terms of recovering from an injury. With the correct exercises and techniques for treatment, anyone can start recovery and return to their former level of activity.

Old Age

Many of the systems in our bodies begin to break down as we age. Additionally, conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis present us with new challenges when it comes to completing basic tasks. Issues such as these are exacerbated if you also need surgery to replace a joint. The good news is that a good physical therapist can assist with ameliorating and managing many of those aggravating conditions associated with aging.


Tracking your blood sugar and consuming a healthy diet are just a few starting points when it comes to controlling your diabetes. Another crucial component is exercise, and your physical therapist can come up with a personalized workout plan.

The primary goal of physical therapy is to improve mobility and reduce pain. In some instances, it can assist patients with avoiding surgery and can also help them recover after they’ve had surgery. Services by physical therapists are designed to assist people with completing the tasks associated with daily living. They can also assist athletes with improving their performance and recovering from injuries related to sports.

Generally, physical therapy is a process that’s ongoing and sometimes requires at a minimum, a few appointments. However, once you’ve attended those appointments and done all of the required exercises, you’ll feel so much better.

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